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Need to loose a stone fast. Give me your tips

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Losttbh Thu 20-Jun-19 12:53:02

Had a baby last year and got a lot if events coming up and just naively assumed I was a size 10 pre pregnancy size I'm deff in between in some sizes and definitely a 12 in some brands.

I know this isn't loads but as a completely flat chested woman I don't carry off the curvy look at all and just want to loose some weight to wear my old dresses as got my daughters first birthday in a few weeks.

I've bought a lot of H&m clothes after pregnancy and just bought clothes by s or m so didn't really realise I'd put on weight.

Any tips. I started getting into baking recently that can't have helped hahaha also need to know my portions as always do big ones then eat seconds and thirds often.
Please be kind

LiliesAndChocolate Thu 20-Jun-19 23:08:36

@Losttbh welcome to the gym junkie section, here we discuss lighting weights, and occasionally we talk about diet.
The weightloss discussions happen here

However, since you are here, and we might have a chance to hook you into pumping some iron, let's see if we can give you some tips

Change your lifestyle, for you and your DD, because she will get your eating habits. So cut the crap, the ultra processed food and the take away. Start eating real food, a steak and a salad for lunch, a soup for dinner. ChickenYou like big portions, eat veggies without dressing or sauce. Put a chicken breast in the oven , and chunk brussel sprouts to roast at the same time. Cook 2 pounds of green beans and fill yourself with green stuff. Empty a big spinach bag in a bowl, add a can of tuna in water (drained), a couple of cherry tomatoes, a hard boiled egg, and you will be fine.
Ditch everything in your cupboard and fridge that has more than 5 gr of sugar /100 gr or more than 5 ingredients listed.

You don't need snacks and certainly not cake, except your DD's birthday cake.

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