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how to eat more for weight training

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peeblet Wed 06-Mar-19 20:36:39

an extra protein shake and spoonful exta of carbs and chicken per meal usual allows me to hit the macros difference i need. I do tend to do 4 meals a day rather than 3 with a shake straight after workout too but then I can reach the macro target no problem.
at first you do feel like you are eating a lot, but you get used to it. as long as you are genuinely doing the weight lifting you are supposed to then just just the process.. scary but it works out! what workouts are you doing? crossfit / Olympic lifting serious workouts for example are quite different to doing a body pump at the gym, so will have v different requirements and outcomes.

funtimespeople Wed 06-Mar-19 20:26:08

No help but also interested as have the same issue.

happyfrown Fri 01-Mar-19 12:07:56

im currently eating in deficit to get body fat down from 25%, im pretty small (size 8 53kg) but quite wobbly, usual jelly thighs, clapping arse cheeks and got a grab of loose belly not sure if that's skin or fat hmm
ive been trying to read up on building more muscle and tone but I need to be in surplus. cant do both! lose fat build muscle etc. im looking into it before i dive into trying to eat more. i currently aim to eat 1530 cals a day and burn more, but getting that 1530 is tough enough so the thought of eating the 1800 odd just to maintain with out surplus seems daunting and impossible?
those who do macros - mine are made as such. protein 135g fat 38g carb 157g give or take a few grams either way. carbs and fats rack up quite quick but the protein is harder to get into the meals, i sometimes add whey protein if im struggling.
so after that long drawn out speech im asking how others do it? how to you eat so much of the right stuff, im also worried that i wont do enough weights or exercise to actually build muscle and gain fat from the extra cals?
any experience or advice is appreciated thanks

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