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Am I eating enough to be weight training?

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DarcieStarlight Thu 10-Jan-19 16:08:05

First time post in this topic but hoping someone will be able to advise me.

I have recently started working on my physique (looking to compete in women's bikini next year as a first timer).
I have done research and followed various blogs and accounts of other women who compete and have been working hard in the gym 5 days a week with two rest days. Luckily I have very good genetics and a natural slim figure so have very small amount of body fat and I'm already quite lean.
I've been building up my strength using weights and cable machines and am very slowly seeing results however I have a feeling the reason my body isn't changing as quickly as I would have expected is down to my diet. If anyone has any tips I will be so grateful.
My diet is currently as follows;

Oats for breakfast with a protein shake.
Mid morning snack of an apple with peanut butter.
Bagel with whole breast of chicken for lunch.
2 whole eggs (either in a protein shake or poached) with 2 slices of brown bread for a snack.
Whole chicken breast or piece of cod, with rice and broccoli for evening meal.
Protein shake and oats for supper.

I haven't had much guidance in regards to diet so just trying to keep my protein carbs and fats as per my weight which is currently 115lb. I was told a gram of protein per lb and 1.5g carbs per pound. Does this sound correct?

Strongbeatsskinny Sun 13-Jan-19 17:21:37

I have competed many times and looking at your diet you are clearly not eating enough calories to sustain weight training. When you eventually start prep for competition there’s not enough food there to reduce further.

I think you need to look for a coach as soon as possible and take advice from the many out there that can guide you properly in off season and prepare you fully for the journey ahead.

Also look for a posing coach the sooner you start the more relaxed and confident you shall be on stage.

DarcieStarlight Sun 13-Jan-19 17:53:28

Thanks for your response. I'm booked in for posing sessions at Emporium gym with the PCA women's pro to start in March. I already know a bit as my partner competes in men's physique so have attended many comps with him and taken mental notes when the women are on stagegrin
I will take another look at my diet and see if I can jiggle it about a bit as I have worried that when it comes the time to start dropping body fat and reducing carbs I would be existing on not a great deal.
Would you recommend adding in more protein or keeping that the same and upping my fats and carbs?

Strongbeatsskinny Sun 13-Jan-19 19:15:52

I eat six meals a day and could not survive on just oats for breakfast and wouldn’t touch protein shakes with a ten foot barge pole.

My meals are heavily protein based eg meal 1 on leg day will be steak or similar with veg coconut oil as my fats post workout chicken veg rice All weighed out to fit my individual macros specific to my goals. Training day food is higher than rest days.

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