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HIIT V weights?

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Drunkandstupidagain Thu 29-Nov-18 20:02:09

I recently changed to weight training after about two years of doing hiit training. I wasn’t really watching what I was eating doing hiit - got down to around 65kg however I rocketed to 77kg.

So I decided to change training/eating regime and I’m now weight training twice per week and 1-2 hiit sessions. I’m down now at 72kg - still a long way to go I know!

So my question is do I stick with what I am
Doing or should I go all weight training or back to hiit? Which will help me the loose the most eat and eat the most food ??

Strongbeatsskinny Tue 04-Dec-18 18:32:21

Hiit is for stamina and weight is for strength one doesn’t out weigh the other

LeslieYep Tue 04-Dec-18 18:52:04

For weight loss a combo of both is perfect. Muscle building increases metabolism as does hiit to a certain extent.

If you have time, do 2 and 2 a week, that was always my go to.

Ultimately it comes to enjoyment and which one you will continue doing when you can't be bothered one morning!

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