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Weightlifting at home

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InsanityRocks Fri 28-Sep-18 09:51:46

Hi All,

I can't get to a gym so I'm looking to do more strength training at home. Currently I follow routines off Beachbody on demand, but I need heavier weights so I was looking at the bowflex ones. Does anyone use these? There are v expensive but I'm fed up of the ever increasing amount of weights I have cluttering up my tiny house.

Does anyone else train at home, what do you all use if so?
Thanks smile

Strongbeatsskinny Tue 02-Oct-18 19:32:35

There’s 24 hours in a day so ask yourself a few questions. How many hours do I work/ travel each day? How many hours do you spend watching TV ? How many hours do you spend online including social media and mumsnet ? If the answer adds up to more than three hours a day there’s your gym time.

WhoTFIsAlanBrazil Sun 06-Jan-19 13:39:45

I have heard good things about adjustable dumbbells in terms of versatility v. storage space needed.

I have only used some once in a hotel gym but it was quite good, and I enjoyed being able to go through warm up sets, working sets and back offs with the same dumbbells rather than go back and forth to the rack.

RJnomore1 Sun 06-Jan-19 13:43:57

What weight of weights are you looking for?

I'd really recommend kettlebells for home training. You can do everything you need to and they're very portable. You can get up to 40kg easily inthink up to 80kg in total so it depends if you're wanting to power deadlift or what your aims are?

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