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In agony!

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AngelsAckiz Sun 26-Aug-18 20:56:18

DP and I joined the gym and started doing yoga for a few weeks. Yesterday we went to a weight lifting class lead by a fitness instructor and now we are both dying!!
We are both in agony. Our muscles are so torn. We did do the stretches at the end of the class too.

What can we do to minimise the pain and speed up recovery in future please? We have My Protein powder at home and I thought that would help?
Sorry we are newbies!

MotherForkinShirtBalls Sun 26-Aug-18 21:01:00

Can you do some gentle cardio? When I was weight lifting I found a slow jog or a swim the next day was really helpful

OhtheHillsareAlive Thu 06-Sep-18 15:47:33

More exercise: a long walk, gentle version of what caused pain. It's just delayed muscle pain from unaccustomed exercise & build up of lactic acid. Best thing is to get active & stay active.

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