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What can I achieve in six months?

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Monstrous Thu 09-Aug-18 08:12:32

So I need to improve my fitness- i’m a bit overweight and would ideally like to lose a couple of stone in the process.
My plan is to eat really good clean nutrition and minimise carbs/processed food and to do weights and HIIT with the odd park run thrown in. I love running but it makes me eat more... hmm
I have done weights/body weight stuff in the past.
My plan is to start with body weight exercises trying to get the form right then moving on to weighted exercises (I have a set of kettlebells at home)
I want to do daily short workouts (20 mins) in the morning and top it off with half an hour of yoga in an evening (I have in the past found this extremely helpful)

What is achievable in six months? Will I drop a dress size for example?

It’s about building some activity into my life on a daily basis...

If I really get into it I want to treat myself to a TRX - I used one previously with a PT and was great fun and really hard!

Not sure what I want from this... just a bit of encouragement really...
I think HIIT and weights are the way forward

Iggii Thu 09-Aug-18 08:15:21

I can drop a dress size in about 6 weeks with just dieting so I am sure you will achieve more than that!

Glittergirl30 Mon 14-Jan-19 19:16:09

What can I do in 3 months?
I’m not overweight at all but I wobble all over!! Like really wobble!! Iv been going to the gym doing weights for 6 months and saw some changes to start with but now I feel stuck. I’m going away in 3 months and would love to feel confident and look toned. So I’m just wondering how much I need to be doing tonreally make a difference, do I need to train every day? Do I need a fat free diet? Should I do cardio aswell as weightss? I wonder if I’m to ambitious to think I will be more toned in 3 months?
Any advice or honesty is welcome!!!

Glittergirl30 Mon 14-Jan-19 19:17:01

So sorry posted this on your post!! Was meant to be a new post! Apologies!!

Wellfuckmeinbothears Mon 14-Jan-19 19:21:36

In six months I can consume by own (v hefty) body weight in cheese.

Your diet/exercise plan sound quite full on, make sure you treat yourself! My big weight gain is alcohol, so if you drink cutting down will help. But othwise move more, eat healthier x

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