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fortmumsworth Wed 18-Jul-18 16:37:28

I've been trying to find the best home gym equipment lately. My spouse is in charge of the weights but I am supposed to pick the cardio machine. I have found the I think I want but does anyone have experience with it? I run quite a bit but not sure if I should go with a treadmill or something else, any recommendations? Thanks for your help in advance.

scumbagmillionaire Mon 23-Jul-18 14:56:41

I'd personally go for a rower (concept 2) 2nd choice would be spin bike. If I want to run I can go outside. X

fortmumsworth Thu 26-Jul-18 18:03:19

I'd like a spin bike but I think my significant other is set on the treadmill so that's about where I'm at right now, hoping I can figure that out. Been looking at more treadmill's here too, but I just can't decide.

DonttouchthatLarry Fri 03-Aug-18 21:13:13

I'm a runner and hate the treadmill - we have a really good one but I just can't get on with it. I much prefer my rower. I'd like to swap the treadmill for a spin bike.

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