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Silent Vibrating Alarm Wrist Watch Wanted

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WWYD2016 Thu 12-Jul-18 15:31:11

Hello. I am posting here as I am sure this is the home of the fitness tracker wearer.
I am a FitBit Charge HR wearer. It has broken and I am outside of the 2 year warranty.
I am not bothered about another fitness tracker, I know what I have to do and I am doing it well.
However, I work full time and I am a mom of 3 so get up at 6am to do my workouts so a silent (not waking DH) vibrating alarm would be ideal, such as exists on my FitBit.
I have tried an under the pillow vibrating alarm but it is so powerful it rouses my husband and he becomes annoyed.
Can anyone suggest a cheap(ish) vibrating alarm wrist watch or the cheapest Android compatible fitness tracker with a vibrating alarm?
Thanking you in advance.

scumbagmillionaire Tue 24-Jul-18 08:36:41

Sorry not a cheap option but I wear a Garmin 5s. It's a great fitness tracker but also really like it as a watch. It has the silent alarm that you're after. Would think cheaper Garmin models would have that aswell.

NT53NJT Thu 26-Jul-18 01:24:51

I found one on amazon. It's called letscom I believe . £12 delivered connects to your phone previews messages , calls, tells the time, pedometer, distance walked etc. Great kit for £12

Butternutsqoosh Tue 07-Aug-18 22:39:20

My Fitbit ionic has one and I am in love with my ionic having had all previous models!

xyzandabc Tue 07-Aug-18 22:43:03

My daughter's wobl watch sounds like it would fit the bill. About £23 from Amazon or other online companies. Can have, I think, up to 7 alarms and vibrate and/or sound.

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