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Tummy overhang

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mummyrabbitpeppapig Tue 08-May-18 23:09:34

I have back problems and knee problems. How can I lose my tummy overhang ( DD is 4 now ) obviously solutions ups or weight bearing excersizes are a no go. Tried swimming as single mum so no childcare to go to gym./ Classes etc any advice? Tia

mummyrabbitpeppapig Tue 08-May-18 23:10:20

Sit ups ( how did it auto correct to solutions???!! )

scumbagmillionaire Tue 24-Jul-18 08:39:05

I'm no expert but would think your priority would be to fix your back. Have you considered Pilates or yoga? These could easily be done at home but they're are often classes you can

ShowOfHands Tue 24-Jul-18 08:45:36

I cycle a 16 mile trip 3 times a week, run 60k a week, do 5 interval workouts and lift weights/do pull ups/full body weight workouts 4 times a week. I'm a small size 8 and very fit. I will never lose my overhang.

What is causing your overhang? Have you been checked for diastasis recti?

You can't spot reduce fat ie you can't target one area to lose weight from and sit ups are of limited use anyway but you can tone all you like and this might not make any difference depending on what the overhang is caused by.

Do you want to get fit? Regain mobility? Lose weight? Lose inches?

slinkysaluki Fri 08-Feb-19 05:15:29

Swiss ball core exercises

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Sat 09-Mar-19 11:09:42


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