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Male Infertility

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Bollywood3 Mon 16-Apr-18 19:31:53

Anyone in a situation where they have discovered their partner/husband cannot father children?

I cannot father children, sadly but not much information out there on make infertility.

I have a zero sperm count. Had surgery after samples were negative and the procedure revealed no sperm for if.

User974246832 Tue 08-Jan-19 21:00:30

Hiya post in the infertility section Plenty guys and girls will give you advice and more reply’s x

User974246832 Tue 08-Jan-19 21:02:22

And I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis did you ha e a TESE procedure to find any sperm? My husband has been diagnosed as oligozoospermic so I know how devasting it is. Like I said pop into the infertility support section on here x

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