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One legged/pistol squats - anyone?

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MrEzraGoldberg Fri 09-Mar-18 22:44:46

Has anyone gone from being convinced they could never do one legged squats to actually being able to do them? I've tried them but it seems like it will never be possible. How do you keep your balance??

MealyPotatoes Sat 10-Mar-18 10:08:55

Not me- seem impossible!

nbee84 Sun 11-Mar-18 21:27:49

Try doing them holding on to trx bands until you really nail the technique, then progress from there.


MrEzraGoldberg Mon 12-Mar-18 22:18:05

Thanks, will try that, nbee. Yes, they do seem impossible, Mealy but some buggers are doing 'em and making them look easy!! It's not fair...

Oogle Wed 14-Mar-18 10:47:29

My PT does these and he makes them look easy.

I do them on a total gym to get used to the movement but there's no balance required as I'm laying down. Next is to do them using trx bands. The goal is to do a proper one (probably only just one!) by July.

SenorBork Fri 06-Apr-18 17:02:10

Oh god, I can't even do these with TRX bands. Is it just a question of practise? I'm hoping one day I'll magically be able to do them...

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