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Breastfeeding +weight loss

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mamamiame Wed 25-Oct-17 23:10:49

Hey ladies

I’m writing here after googling for a VERY long time.
So here is my story.
I’m 22
I gained 25kgs in the last 3 months of my pregnancy
My baby is 14 months old
I am 72kgs
I need to go back to being 50kgs if I don’t want a divorce, depression, leaving uni and all that stuff
I’m still breastfeeding
I’ve worked out that I need 1200 calories to lose 1kg a week

Now my question is, I’ve heard that losing weight fast send a lot of toxins in the breast milk... with all the above info do you guys think if I eat the above mentioned will my van be effected because of toxins in the milk?

ANY help will be appreciated... I’m really desperate and need help so bad.sad

19lottie82 Mon 13-Nov-17 17:20:55

1200 calories is not enough when you’re breastfeeding, not even close.

BestZebbie Mon 13-Nov-17 17:24:30

Why would not being 50kg lead to a divorce and leaving uni?
Are you, in seriousness, worried that your DH would throw you and your 14 month old child out, causing you to drop out of education, if you don't lose weight down to a fairly svelte figure?
If so, it might be more useful to gather advice about that...

ownedbySWD Mon 13-Nov-17 17:32:07

I think the toxins theory is full of crap. Breast milk filters out all sorts of things, including medication and alcohol (dose dependent obvs) and a woman's body is meant to bulk up during pregnancy in order to have a back up supply of calories during feeding. Losing weight during breastfeeding is normal. It.may not happen for everyone, not at the same rate, but it isn't dangerous!

Your reasons for losing weight, however, are slightly concerning. Your DH would kick you out.for.not being slim?

garethsouthgatesmrs Wed 29-Aug-18 00:22:39

1200 is too few. I am losing wirght using a calorie counting app and breastfeeding. I started by taking in 220p (bear in mind I am very tall) j lost roughly a pound a wek for about 4 weeks but then I stopped losing so I reduced to 2100 then 2000 etc. This was as baby was eating more food and feeding less. If I was not breastfeeding I would need about 1650 to lose 1lb a week.

Use an app but a bit of trial and improvement as you don't want your milk or your baby to be affected.

If your partner would leave you if you don't lose weight you need help with that not weight loss.

garethsouthgatesmrs Wed 29-Aug-18 00:24:20

Also 1kg a week weight loss is a little bit too much really.

garethsouthgatesmrs Wed 29-Aug-18 00:25:12

Sorry just seen this is an old thread. Hope you are ok now

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