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Push Pull Legs workout

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BluntForceTrauma Mon 03-Jul-17 21:28:08

Hi - does anyone here follow a Push Pull workout routine? I'm relatively new to weightlifting having joined a gym in January. Am slowly building strength and condition the conventional way...arm day, leg day etc
But have been reading up about Push Pull workouts which seem to make sense to me.
I'd be interested in others' opinions and any hints and tips on the best of each type of exercise if anyone's following this sort of routine?

GingerHanna Tue 11-Jul-17 20:40:28

It's really horses for courses. I've tried push/pull upper/lower and various other combinations. Just try it for a while and see how pinger on. If it's not for you, change it up.

Always good to try and give a new routine 12 weeks to settle in before you make a decision to change it up, but again, you are the master of your own domain.

MaidOfStars Wed 12-Jul-17 17:22:25

I do antagonist/agonist work in a single session. I've seen this called push/pull. Is that what you mean?

MaidOfStars Wed 12-Jul-17 17:26:04

For example:

I superset pull ups with shoulder presses. Same movement, but weight felt on opposing groups.

I superset push ups with inverted rows. Same movement, but weight felt on opposing groups.

BluntForceTrauma Tue 25-Jul-17 18:02:19

Hi Maid and Ginger - sorry for slow reply...Maid-no, I don't think that's the same. Push exercises would be for example; tricep dips, Arnold Press, Dumbell flyes and shoulder press. Pull exercises might be; deadlift, bent over row, serratus crunch, shoulder shrug.
I'm going to give it serious go for the next 6 weeks and see where that takes me - have got a couple of goals in terms of increasing the weights I'm using so will see how that goes.
Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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