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I am thin, I know! You do not need to tell me!!

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Carminia Tue 06-Jun-17 17:02:48

Why is unacceptable to make comments about people being fat / putting on weight and many people think is ok to comment on your weight loss? I do not mean In a good way: well done you have lost weight... I mean in a you are wasting away type of way ...
I have always being slim all my life (1.70 cm tall and 63 kg) and for the last few months I lost 10 kg due to being ill, I am better but I have been unable to regain my weight.
It really pisses me off when people see me and that is pretty much the first thing they say ... I have been trying really hard to improve my health and gain some weight so it is a bit demoralising...

MaidOfStars Mon 12-Jun-17 14:19:53

This is neither the AIBU nor a weight loss board.

But for the record, YANBU grin

Now, how much can you deadlift? wink

ppeatfruit Sun 25-Jun-17 11:22:12

A way to increase your weight it to eat nutritiously (plenty of salads, nuts some cheese, fruit etc) Also to eat EVERY time you feel hungry and eat till you FEEL FULL, not small rubbishy snacks. like crisps or fizzy drinks. . Don't overeat though..

ppeatfruit Sun 25-Jun-17 11:26:58

Do you like avocados? They are highly nutritious and full of good fats! A whole one with an olive oil and lemon dressing and good bread \toast is brilliant. The omega 3s are good too, so take an evening primrose oil and or a starflower supplement twice a day. They're wonderful for your skin and female balancing too.

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