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Weight gain and uncontrollable cravings

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KingIrving Mon 15-May-17 10:45:16

If you had spotting and cramping, I would just stay safe and gentle. You need to be sure you trust the source of your information. The only link I feel like giving you is Fit pregnancy.

This American magazine belongs to the same group as Shape and has a nice variety of exercises.

But you are doing great, there will be plenty of time to work out after the birth. Enjoy the 1:1 time with your DC1, sleep and sleep some more!

Sasmac2017 Mon 15-May-17 09:47:28

Thanks for your reply.
I am now 26 weeks pregnant and the eating has definitely slowed down. It must have been a growth spurt smile
I eat very well 90% of the time. Sure I have cookies/chips occasionally but nothing more or different to pre pregnancy. I have so far put on 10kg. I feel a bit chubbier but as I said in original post, I'm doing way better than what I did with my first child.
I've actually had to tone down my exercising anyway as were having cramping and some spotting. Mid wife believes this to be related to a low lying placenta. I have given up my gym membership for the time being and am sticking with walking and light weight workouts at home. If you have any other advice I'd appreciate that

KingIrving Sun 14-May-17 21:01:27

You are pregnant so whatever advice you will receive online has the potential to do harm, so don't do anything drastic.

It is good that you are very active and able to remain so during pregnancy, but you might be overdoing it.

What do you do in the gym? A circuit, one muscle group at a time, a class, cardio, ....? What do you eat normally? and what are your cravings?

Why not take these two months left and try to start having a healthy lifestyle. Ditch the crisps, cookies, etc... from the pantry, Start buying more vegetables and fresh products. I am not telling you to diet, I am telling you to cut the crap from the house, including the take away menus. You will soon have a child, you are doing a favour to all the family. Go to any library and in the cooking book section, there are tons of healthy eating books. Add to the piles a couple of vegetarian and vegan cookbook so you get inspiration for a couple of yummy side dishes.

At the gym, reduce the cardio if you are doing any and focus on one muscle group per day. So
Monday biceps and triceps
Tuesday quadriceps and calves
Wednesday Shoulders and chest
Thursday Core (adapted and safe for pregnancy)
Friday Glutes and harmstrings

20 min top each day. and even better only work out every other day. Rest is so important . All the upper body exercises can be done seated and you should do so.
Then you can add a nice walk.

If you can't control your eating it is your body shouting STOP. Reset the clocks. Respect your pregnancy and nourish it.

Sasmac2017 Wed 12-Apr-17 09:10:05

Hi there,
I'm new on here. Have been reading lots of posts online and everyone seems helpful smile
My question....I'm currently 21 weeks with my second and I've put on 7kg. I'm actually ok with that as with my first I'd put on 21kg by now!! Anywho, the past two weeks I have been starving!!! I can't control the eating. Normally I'm pretty self disciplined, I started out normal BMI and I'm very active at the gym 5-6x per week. Is that too much weight gain and what do I do about the eating 😟 Thanks in advance

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