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What shoes for kettlebells?

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Brighit Sun 27-Dec-15 11:13:24

I've been using my usual (structured 8mm drop, as I overpronate and my feet are kind of flat) running shoes and have discovered it's a no-no. I had actually been getting a vague ache down the side of right foot and when the PT took a pic last week I noticed it was that foot that was tilted strangely when doing a swing.

So after some research what about Nike Free? Am I best working my way slowly down from about a 3 drop to zero giving my feet time to get used to it or just jump straight into the thinner, zero drop ones.

Bit confused as it's totally different to running shoes but I don't want to wreck my feet either.

Octoberagain Sat 02-Jan-16 20:11:54


For kettlebells, normally barefoot is best. If you need to wear shoes then choose ones with flat soles. Lauren Brooks suggests Converse, Vans, Merrell and Vibram if you need to use shows for training outdoors.

You shouldn't use any shoe with a heel as it puts you in the wrong alignment.

Hope that helps. smile

RJnomore1 Fri 15-Jan-16 20:48:55

I do barefoot and if not then a very flat trainer with no bounce in the sole. When I have to wear shoes eg comps I wear old gazelles.

Barefoot is by far best though.

Silverstreaks Tue 02-Feb-16 07:41:34

Definitely barefoot. The amount of force generated with a swing put a huge amount of pressure through your feet.

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