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LetMeDriveTheBus Thu 16-Jul-15 21:02:50

I'm getting into strength training and loving it.

Wondered if anyone had advice on footwear. I've been wearing the trainers I use for my cardio sessions but I've read a flatter shoes is better. Any thoughts??

Mide7 Fri 17-Jul-15 21:38:24

Yeah flat shoes are better for squats and deadlifts. Running type shoes have too much cushioning which can make you unstable and absorb some of the power your trying to create

crossparsley Sat 18-Jul-15 19:44:24

Flatter is generally better but like any sport...

Flat, as in socks or bare feet, best for deadlifts - like Mide7 says, best power transfer from your legs to the floor, but also minimises the distance you have to move the weight ( can you tell I am jealous of my shorter lifting class colleagues?)

For squats, some people are grand in flats but many of us do better with a slightly raised heel. Not squashy soles though - you can get squatting shoes, often called weightlifting shoes, which have a wooden heel so you get the stability and power transfer.

I am sufficiently precious to take two sets of shoes to the gym, which makes three options: squatting shoes, socks, and flattish trainers ("workout shoes") for everything else as I really can't do push-ups or planks on sock-toes.

LetMeDriveTheBus Sat 18-Jul-15 21:02:50

Very useful. Thank you.

brainwashed Sat 08-Aug-15 19:37:47

I've just ordered a pair of lifting shoes, raised at the heel but a lot more solid/stable than running trainers. Up til now I've been lifting in flat nanos. I'll let you know what difference they make when I get them

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