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Slightly odd question about shaving arm pits...

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BlameItOnTheBogey Thu 11-Jun-15 12:25:45

Thought that those of you in the weights room might have some suggestions on this. If you have some real muscle definition in your arms and chest, do you find it hard to shave properly? I can't get the surface of my armpit to go flat enough to get a clean shave. Anyone else experience this and any thoughts on solutions?

Littlepumpkinpie Thu 11-Jun-15 13:58:08

Veet is my friend for the pits it's the only way I use the sensitive one. No chest hair as I'm a lady.

BlameItOnTheBogey Fri 12-Jun-15 00:41:09

Hmm interesting. How often do you have to use veet? I've always assumed it would be a hassle. Don't you have to leave it on for a while? The appeal of shaving is 2 mins in the shower every other morning...

Boudicea31 Sat 13-Jun-15 15:08:53

Oh my god - I wish I had definition in my armpits and chest - would take shaving problems all day long!! grin

Siolence Sat 13-Jun-15 15:11:22

Home ipl. Totally smooth! No bumpy re growth.

ooerrmissus Sat 13-Jun-15 15:21:13

Veet twice a week. I use the in shower one. Bung it on, brush teeth, get in shower, wash hair then wash off veet. Done.

BigPawsBrown Sat 13-Jun-15 15:36:32

I'm not built but I am skinny. I just pull the skin across the 'pit' (ugh) and shave the bits that are flat, then re-do to get the other bits. It's still quicker than veet.

BlameItOnTheBogey Sat 13-Jun-15 17:13:05

Dunce question: what is ipl?

I want to be convinced by veet but I'm not at all sure. Plus also I shower at the gym 6 days a week so how would that work? Can't use it there.

Thanks for all the responses though! I've been pondering this one for aages but it's not the kind of thing you ask people in real life!

havemercy Sat 13-Jun-15 17:20:50

Im not even a teensy tiny bit muscular but choose to use cream rather than a razor as i find it much more convenient. Veet takes less than 5 minutes. It's lovely, cheap and you don't get shaving rash or stubble.

Siolence Sun 14-Jun-15 13:26:31

IPL - it's intense pulsed light. Can do salon or buy one of the home kits. I did 6 salon sessions and then had a break for umm ages. Then bought the Veet one.
My underarms are pretty much hairless a year after the salon treatments without any maintenance. Bikini line had a lot of reduction at the sides but not much on the undercarriage. Will see how it goes with the home kit. It seems to have wiped out the odd underarm hair in about 4 sessions. Bikini line in progress and I'm doing my legs which seems to be successful.
I have thick dark hair and pale skin. Rapid re growth so shaving and waxing are a pain.

crossparsley Tue 16-Jun-15 23:40:36

I use an epilator (Braun, then Phillips when I needed a replacement). more facing these days with more muscles but once a week rather than every day. Recommend only doing bits at a time if you start from scratch though - I self-waxed once and it hurt for days and days, seriously. Epilating wouldn't be so rough but I wouldn't risk it.

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