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weights and pregnancy

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Galvanized Mon 27-Apr-15 20:05:53

Anyone carried on their weight training while pregnant? I do deadlifts (120% body weight pb) / squats on non deadlift days, bench press (28kg), lateral pull downs.

I keep googling and getting mixed messages, I want to keep training but obviously don't want to overexert myself.

shewept Mon 27-Apr-15 20:20:02

I think this can be one of those issues where no 2 people agree. I have been told by doctors that as long as you were doing it before it's fine. I have been told it's dangerous and can cause the plancenta to come away. Most pts tend to tell you to take it easy and seek medical advice.

There were a few cross fitters in the news that lifted until just before their due dates. I couldn't really advise, because even doctors don't seem to agree.

Galvanized Mon 27-Apr-15 20:24:06

Urk that's exactly how far I got via Dr Google. Thanks though. I think i might (reluctantly) stop deadlifts but carry on squats.

chiruri Tue 28-Apr-15 21:58:24

I personally carried on throughout my pregnancy, with gradually reducing weights (but maintaining or increasing number of reps depending on how I was feeling). I had been doing Crossfit for about a year before I got pregnant, and had specialised in lifting in that time (had competed a few times etc).
I stopped doing much overhead work as I felt my back wasn't as stable as it had been, and obviously didn't do anything lying on my back after the first trimester. I did LOADS of squats, and in fact did a squat session less than 2 days before DD decided to appear. I had a very short and entirely straightforward labour, which I partially put down to my fitness, strength and flexibility (however I appreciate that it was likely mostly down to luck!).
There are some definite 'don'ts' like lying on your back; and some 'probably shouldn'ts' like continuing PB weights, overhead lifts and (depending on the strength of your technique) deadlifts. I even continued to do Olympic lifting, making sure that my trainers monitored my technique to ensure that my bar path was still good and safe. I had a very small bump, though, which made this much easier.

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