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Crossfit anyone?

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Boudicea31 Thu 23-Apr-15 20:55:49

Hi everyone! I love lifting weights it's my fave thing and it's pretty much all I do but I envy the cross fit lean muscle body types and the broad skill set that CF teaches but it looks so hard and all this work till you puke/cry ethos is a bit off putting!! Does anyone else here do crossfit and has anyone gone from CF back to just weights?? Thanks x

chiruri Fri 24-Apr-15 11:34:57

I've been doing CF for 2 years now, including throughout my entire pregnancy with DD1 (who is now 15 weeks). I have never puked, and don't ever plan to (I don't agree with that mentality), but have frequently ended up flat on the floor after a WOD! I absolutely love lifting, particularly olympic lifting, but I agree that a bit of metcon/aerobic work is necessary for general fitness. Bodyweight work, on the other hand, is miserable but I'm persevering!

shewept Fri 24-Apr-15 13:24:01

My current training is similar, I love it. But can't afford my gym membership AND membership at CF. I love my gym and my trainer so wouldn't leave. Bit i do love that style of training and our circuit classes are similar to CF.

I have never puked, I was close this morning [Grin]. I love this style of training.

FutopiaDad Sun 26-Apr-15 19:08:52

I like the basic idea of crossfit and would like to give it a go but the cost is a limiting factor for me.

I have two gyms near me (sorry but 'boxes' is a bit naff) and whilst the £10 taster is ok, I don't want to pay £250 and then £30-70/m on top of my gym membership.

I also have reservations about it being an exercise class, as opposed to training, so would have to keep my gym membership to maintain/increase strength.

Fortunately, many of the exercises are not new or entirety unique to crossfit so can do explosive movements on my own.

shewept Mon 27-Apr-15 07:35:53

I think that is the main problematic cross fit.

I really like my gym so wouldn't leave, so would need to pay both. Then there is the initial fee.

I think that a lot of gyms are starting similar classes the Total Fitness gym in town has taken on someone who used to work at the local box. Not sure how it will work though, since you need the course first.

brainwashed Sat 09-May-15 20:33:10

I do crossfit and now wouldn't want to train any other way....but I generally prefer to be outside and am so lucky that my local box is at a woodland clearing rather than in a warehouse grin Training in all weathers definitely adds to the fun!!
BTW I'd never done any serious lifting before I started crossfit...I wouldn't worry that it would be too hard. Its like everything to your level and improve on what you can do.

AggressiveBunting Sat 16-May-15 12:07:53

I've done Crossfit for a year. I don't have another gym membership but I pay for unlimited classes and "open gym" so I can go and train there on my own if I want to. I have definitely got the result I wanted in terms of definition and improvements to my VO Max/ cardio capacity. I lost 6% body fat- same weight but body composition has changed. My main sport is trail/hill racing so the Crossfit has really helped with that.

I've never puked or cried.

However (her comes the big caveat), what Crossfit is massively varies between boxes. The programming is box specific. Some of them focus more on HIT with some functional resistance work (KB swings, wall balls etc). Some are heavily into the olympic lifting stuff. Some do a combination.

Boudicea31 Fri 05-Jun-15 21:58:29

Oo that's really helpful thanks for giving me the lowdown. I live near a garrison town so there are loads of boxes here, run by ex army types. It looks v tempting as let's face it I'm me eg going to push myself that hard on my own or just with my husband am I! Your results of loss of 6%body fat plus vo2 Mac increase sound brilliant - deffo great motivation to keep going! X

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