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Recommendations please - supplements

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shewept Tue 14-Apr-15 18:59:02

So I used very little supplements tbh, I have odd protein shakes (but this mainly because I like milkshakes and enjoy them) and Take bcaa and glucosamine (3 servings per day).

I also take evening primrose, but that because I find it helps with my time of the month.

For protein I tend to go for taste, as I find they are all quite similar. I use Body Nutrition Trutein (their smores flavour has mini marshmallows in) or USN gf-1.

For bcaas I use nrg as I love their lemonade flavour.

So does anyone have any brand recommendations, or use any other supplements they would recommend giving a go?

shewept Tue 14-Apr-15 19:09:48

Oh and its not a supplement but I eat quite a bit of coconut oil and nut butter! Just because they are yummy and an easy way to hit my macros. grin

EarSlaps Wed 15-Apr-15 12:26:20

I like The Protein Works for protein powder, plus they do some amazing protein snack bars. They are tastier and smaller than lots of the ones aimed more at men. The prices seem good to me and their shakers with the little ball mixer in are amazing. Their flavours are fab too but a lot are only out for a while. I loved the choc coconut and DH loves the cherry bakewell!

Have a look and if you're interested I could be cheeky and message you my referral link? I'd get some credit in the store and you'd get some free protein with your first order.

EarSlaps Wed 15-Apr-15 12:34:36

These are the rather lovely snack bars, my kettlebell instructor introduced me to them. The choc coconut (can you tell I love chocolate and coconut? smile) are divine but always out of stock sad. So we get peanut toffee which are great too.

I got their Omega capsules too, the price was good and as far as I can tell the quality is great.

They have some pretty good offers on things too, usually just after I've stocked up smile. Plus you earn points when you buy that you can use against future purchases, or points for referrals.

Promise I don't work for them, just a happy customer.

EarSlaps Wed 15-Apr-15 12:37:13

This is the protein powder I use- I pop some in a shaker with some skimmed milk powder and fill it up with water at the gym.

shewept Wed 15-Apr-15 14:20:21

Thank you I did try protein works a while ago (can I use your referral code if I have already purchased) and tbh not quite sure why I stopped using it. Its actually better value for money that the trutein. You have me convinced on the snacks to. And you are right, most protein bars and snacks are huge and difficult to fit into my macros. I end up dividing quest bars in to 2 grin.

I have a few of the protein works zero syrups which are good, as far as zero cal stuff goes. But I buy it from protein pick n mix.

I think I need a new protein works order...Thank you.

EarSlaps Wed 15-Apr-15 14:50:52

Code probably won't work unless you've changed address or email since then, but I'll send it anyway just in case smile.

shewept Wed 15-Apr-15 15:48:22

Thank you. I will give it a go just incase.

EarSlaps Wed 15-Apr-15 16:55:32

Hope it's not too cheeky but I've also sent you a referral code for Muscle Foods too- they deliver meat and do some supplements too. I just had my first delivery today and it seems really good quality. I know a lot of people in our kettlebell club swear by them.

Littlepumpkinpie Thu 16-Apr-15 16:15:08

I take multi liver,N-Ace-L-Cysteine, multi vitamins,probiotic, omega3 fish oil which is high in DHA & EPA also take an appetite accelerant with a digestive supercharge. During workout I have essential amino acids NOT BCAA.
Brands I use are Nutri. Solgar, Udos, anabolic designs , Bsn, Scrivation,PhD, my protien, bulk powders. I don't use protien shakes that's something I miss they were taken out unfortunately loved my protien cookie and cream stopped me craving sweet stuff knowing I could have that shake post workout.

shewept Thu 16-Apr-15 16:43:38

Thanks Earslaps I haven't ordered from them before. I use a local butcher, but I do keep meaning to have a look as I know they do much more than meat now. Really appreciate it.

shewept Thu 16-Apr-15 16:46:43

little I have had a few my protein products but wasn't overly excited by them. But never had their protein powder.

Yeah that's why I like them, feel like a sweet treat. I am a sucker for the Yup Brands Bjammin bars (highish in protein) if I want something really sweet.

I bloody spend a fortune in this stuff grin not because I have to, just because I like to try loads of different things.

shewept Thu 16-Apr-15 16:49:11

Little also you said you use essential aminos, not BCAA. What's the advantages of that. I drink the bcaa mainly because it helps with recovery and I like the taste. But interested in changing it up a bit.

Littlepumpkinpie Thu 16-Apr-15 17:14:44

I only listed a generic list of what I and friends take we all train within a a personal training facility. I do take other stuff tailored for my needs at this given time which are specific to my issues. Forgot to add glycine which is added into post workout we've just taken out vitargo and glutamine from my pre and post EAa. My coach does all my macros and sups for me. So stuff gets put in and pulled out all the time. Which is needed for continuous results lifting and body composition goals.

EarSlaps Thu 16-Apr-15 18:56:05

Wow, I feel like quite an amateur compared to you guys! I just have a bit of extra protein and Omega Capsules when I remember. I do take the Vitabiotics Women's Sport and Fitness multivits though.

shewept Thu 16-Apr-15 20:16:47

My pt prefers me to take bcaa + glutamine instead of aminos. Might do some research into aminos. Yeah I get stuff taken out and put back in, but we don't really change up my Supps. Change brands or the type. I am not that keen on casein so don't mind that being removed.

Protein bars are my Pts pet hate, but I only have them as a treat when I really want one. But keep it in my macros.

Does anyone refeed?

shewept Thu 16-Apr-15 20:20:28

earslaps I know quite a few people who don't use Supps. One is a competitor. The nearest she comes is the protein fortified nut butters or a quest bar (not close to comps though). I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Using bcaas + glutamine helps my recovery. I used to suffer with Doms really bad, but its reduced quite alot lately. Protein shakes...just because I like them. I can get my protein out of my diet, but sometimes I just like them. Made in a blender with ice. Lush.

Littlepumpkinpie Thu 16-Apr-15 20:26:29

Protien bars omg I'd get shot if caught with one of those shop brought ones. Make my own loads of sites out there one of my all time favourite is pow protien made many of the things on there all yummy.

shewept Fri 17-Apr-15 06:08:28

little yep I think he would possibly like to shoot me. grin but since I am not training for any particular event, i still get treats.

I do quite a bit of protein baking, when i get chance. But I do like some bought ones. I am not entirely convinced the one with IMO in are correct in their macro or calorie count though.

FutopiaDad Fri 17-Apr-15 23:19:15

I only use whey protein as it already contains essential BCAA's. I tried creatine a long time ago but it didn't help with my lifts (not that I could notice anyway).

I find best for me as it's reasonably priced and also comes unflavoured so goes with anything. I put it in my porridge, peanut butter cookies, soups and smoothies/shakes etc.

shewept Sat 18-Apr-15 07:40:19

Thanks Futopia I don't have whey enough to rely on the bcaas it. Never had creatine myself.

I need to try a few of these brands. Think I got into a rut with whey, using the same. Going to mix it up a bit maybe get back into baking a bit more.

FutopiaDad Sat 18-Apr-15 08:06:01

That's fair enough shewept

From what I've read the essential supplements are bcaa's and protein so using one or the other is fine. TBH I'm pretty tight when it comes to supplements as I've tried maximuscle before but is eyewateringly expensive. I looked into NCAA's before and whey is far cheaper and still contains them so suited my wallet grin

Myprotein are good though and their own cookies are pretty good. Their peanut butter is also OK although I prefer Whole Earth for taste.

sj73 Sat 18-Apr-15 19:23:33

I just use bcaas as I workout fasted.

shewept Sat 18-Apr-15 20:05:20

sj73 I workout before eating too.

futopia I haven't tried their nut butter. I like flavoured so stick to the fortified 'healthier' flavoured brands. But they are addictive. I have to weigh them out very carefully or I eat the whole tub.

shewept Sun 19-Apr-15 16:42:23

Also futopia realised my bcaas cost about £40pm, so yes it is expensive might need to rethink how much I have on a daily basis grin

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