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Seeing past pets

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TheDramaLlama123 Wed 14-Oct-20 22:41:33

For a few years after my Muns dog died I would see him out of the corner of my eye every time music was on in my Mums old house or while we was cooking. He got super excited when my mum would listen to music in life and would bark and jump around, very unusual for such a big reserved dog. I could see and ‘feel’ him running down the stairs when music was on - he was very ill towards the end and we couldn’t coax him in the last week if his life. It stoped when my Mum moved to another house.

My cat died 3 years ago, such a beloved member of the family and even though much missed I never had the same experiences until the last few weeks. This coincides with my eldest (they were the same age roughly) leaving for uni. I see and feel her out of the corner of my eye. I can even smell her sometimes.

Has anyone experienced something similar? Why after 3 years would I sundenly ‘feel’ her? I still feel guilty as I had her put to sleep as she was suffering.

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seensome Thu 15-Oct-20 21:57:35

My first cat that I had died when she was 17 so she had a good long life, after she died I think I could still see her at night in my room and hear her purr.
My second cat only 5years old had to be put down and the day after what would of been her dinner time, heard her miaow right near me then nothing ever again.
Nice that your dog and cat still likes to visit you. now have two more cats, maybe they keep animal spirits away who knows.

Don't feel bad you had to put your cat to sleep, it was for her own good not to be in pain any longer, maybe you could call her when you sense her to let her know you are aware, maybe she is trying to comfort you knowing your daughter have left home.

Blabla81 Fri 30-Oct-20 12:35:03

My sister and I both saw our dog scraping at the living room garden window when it was raining one day -she always did this when she wanted to be let in - we were both sitting watching tv. She’d only died a few days before that so we’d Kind of forgotten she was dead. I told her to let her in and she said, no, you let her in. We then both looked at each other and freaked out.

Blabla81 Fri 30-Oct-20 12:35:51

When we were children I should add.

itsgettingcoldoutside Sat 07-Nov-20 22:42:52

I saw my old cat today. I thought my new cat had climbed in the washing machine but when I looked no cat there. I realised my old cat had passed away this time last year, looking at my Facebook memories.

CarolinaPink Sat 21-Nov-20 21:17:53

My cat, PussPuss, used to jump up via a stool onto one of the kitchen surfaces to eat, because otherwise my little dog would eat the cat's food. The stool is wobbly as one of the legs is uneven in length. For more than a year after PussPuss died I would hear in the kitchen the sound of her jumping up from the stool - there really isn't anything else that makes the same sound. It was very reassuring to think she was still around smile

SandysMam Sun 22-Nov-20 05:52:12

I used to feel the weight of my cat asleep next to me in bed long after she died, and hear her purring too. I always assumed it was a dream but looking back, it was very clear. I loved that cat!!

SandysMam Sun 22-Nov-20 05:53:21

@Blabla81 that is a great story but also makes me a bit sad to think of your dogs spirit trying to get in!

Nicknamegoeshere Sun 22-Nov-20 06:00:19

My OH (who is the most grounded/rational person ever) reports he sees his old family cat on occasion when we are visiting his parents. His parents also report the same, as does his BIL.

thesunwillout Sun 22-Nov-20 06:29:40

Lovely thread. I haven't got a recent experience, but I've had many coincidences, and once or twice seen our last boy in the corner of my eye.
I'm open minded. I think it's a great comfort and a beautiful reminder of our connections.
To our animals and to fellow animal lovers.

Howcanwehelp Sun 22-Nov-20 06:36:07

When I'm in bed I see my baby girl cat slinking round the door however she passed away a fair few years ago. I have other cats but they are not allowed upstairs. I find it comforting as she was a loving thing.

thesunwillout Mon 23-Nov-20 21:01:35

Bless, that's comforting x

Bargebill19 Mon 23-Nov-20 21:17:55

I totally believe in the rainbow bridge. I’ve had pets all my life and still feel them visit. Dogs jump on the bed and snuggle down. Cats kneading the blanket etc. Usually when I need comfort/feeling low. Just as when they used to. Very comforting to think I’ll meet them again. Nice to know.

EveryoneRevealsThemselves Mon 23-Nov-20 21:26:07

I have frequently seen my old boy sitting on his favourite spot on the stairs (we lost him a couple of years ago). And I know the other dogs can see him too as they’ll just sit up right and stare at that spot.

EddieVeddersfoxymop Mon 23-Nov-20 21:32:50

When we bought our house, I used to see a black cat in my hall. We had 2 cats of our own, none black.
When I lost my youngest cat, I saw her, smelled her and heard her all round the house but the black cat disappeared. My oldest cat passed away a year ago and I don't see her much which is sad as we had her for 19 years. I thought we would see her more.
We do have a new cat who is totally bonkers and so different from my previous 2. She's perfect for us though and we do wonder if my oldest cat had a hand in making sure she came to us as we very nearly didn't take her....

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