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Trustyourinnersatnav Fri 15-Nov-19 13:36:56

Has annyone got any experiences of paranormal happenings? Would love to hear of them!

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Elishagriffiths98 Fri 15-Nov-19 18:28:37

Hey all

I’m looking for some advice.
I’ve been on the mirena coil for around 9months. I’ve been on time with periods since having it and they’ve been really light, Although I thought I came on 4 days early yesterday and it was slightly heavier than what it’s been since having the coil however today I’ve not bled even a drop. Could this mean anything.

PixieDustt Sun 09-Feb-20 22:49:23

He's a few.

All in the same house:
We used to live in a 50's house. It always felt eery even as a child.
When I was about 4 my mum always remembers me coming downstairs and saying 'the lady under the bed told us to come downstairs' of course my mum shat her pants grabbed us and went to the neighbours house. Neighbour checked as dad was working and nope no one there. Mums thinks it could have been my great Nan by what I described.
In the same house if you were sat in the front room you'd always see a black figure gliding down the stairs.
When I was about 6 me and my sisters all shared a room so we had 2 sets of bunk beds. I slept up the top and woke up to a headless man with an axe he was so tall and had dungarees and a checkered top on. I screamed. Mum came running in and the man disappeared. (this still freaks me out to this day)
There was always one step in the house I'd miss on the stairs as I always felt I was being pushed off of it all the time.
This one could just be me but I remember at about 10 going to go down the stairs but it felt like I glided and once I reached the bottom I didn't remember going down them in the first place.
Finally. We were free from the haunted house and there was this awful awful fishy smell we just couldn't get rid off. Looked up the chimney thinking maybe there was a dead bird. Nope. Nothing. Once we got to the new house we were watching a paranormal programme and they mentioned a fishy smell being linked to an evil/bad spirit!

We moved into a nice new build.
About 4 years in I was taking a picture of myself blush behind me was a male and female figure which looked like my grandad and great nan. I shit my pants.
One day I saw a pair of heels in the hallway and jokingly said to my mum where are you going all fancy with your heels. She was like what? What heels. I looked again and there were none. 1 joie later she got a call to say her SIL from a previous relationship had passed away and guess what she was always in heels.
Same house my uncle just died a few months prior and I was looking after my 2 year old nephew. Front room door slightly pushed over and I saw the outline of his glasses. I remember asking him to please leave I don't want to see you it scares me and I didn't want to freak out my nephew. I looked again and he was still there. So I said just go please. I looked again and he was no longer there.
The hallway always felt like someone was watching you. I never ever sat with my back to the door as I always felt someone was there watching me. I never said any of it to my mum until she moved recently and she said she felt the same.

Of course people don't always believe me and I have more. I get people are sceptical but this was all very real and very scary for me. I hate it.

PixieDustt Sun 09-Feb-20 22:49:44

Here's a few I meant*

PixieDustt Sun 09-Feb-20 22:51:39

Also meant hour not Joie 🤦🏻‍♀️

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