Seeing orbs, not in photographs

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Indiemeg Thu 07-Nov-19 10:19:17

I have thought twice about posting this because I know a lot of people will think I’m unbalanced and a bit wacky.But all I can say in my defence is that in other ways I’m a normal sensible person not prone to deluding myself, so here go’s.I’m middle aged and not sure about in childhood but certainly most of my adult life I’ve had a tendency to see bright cobalt blue orbs.They tend to happen at times of crisis but not necessarily and can vary in size, and number but mostly just one.It’s a case of seeing but not seeing as though they happen so quickly they are there and gone, seeing as though on peripheral vision but not.It’s hard to explain but I know as much as anyone can know that these are not eye sight problems or tricks of the light.I have a strong feeling that they are spirits/guardian angels something like that and benign and positive.The nicest experience I had was when my DD was a tiny baby,I remember sitting in her room in the middle of the night just watching her sleep (maybe I’d just fed and settled her,I can’t remember) and as I watched I saw little coloured lights ‘dancing in the palm of her outstretched hand.As I remember I think they were blue,white and pink, there and gone very quickly and of course I dismissed it as my imagination due to tiredness yet I didn’t entirely dismiss it as I felt that as she hadn’t been in the world very long, these were her spirit guides watching over her. Now yes I know this comes across as very fanciful! My mum used to very occasionally see blue orbs to.I remember her telling me she saw one next to a very early boyfriend of mine who went on to die from cancer shortly afterwards although I’ve never thought they were anything to do with death. I’m not particularly psychic though a much loved cat got lost and later run over a couple of years ago (a neighbour found her and told us) both my husband and I think we saw her ghost at around the time it would have happened.We were both upstairs in different rooms and at roughly the same time we both reported seeing a good cat like shadow streak past us.Anyway make of all this what you will.I would love to know if anyone else has these experiences and sees orbs in particular.

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Babdoc Thu 07-Nov-19 23:03:24

If you’re seeing a halo like effect around lights, you need to get investigated for possible glaucoma.
Seeing blue flashing lights in your peripheral vision is quite common when tired - I regularly suffered them when working 100 hour weeks as a junior doctor. And migraine patients often have a visual aura before an attack, as do some people with epilepsy.
Angels, according to the bible, are terrifying looking things with eyes like burning coals, and several sets of wings, rather than “orbs”. Which is probably why their opening words tend to be “Fear not”!
I think if you had encountered one, you wouldn’t be in any doubt, OP!

donquixotedelamancha Thu 07-Nov-19 23:17:00

in other ways I’m a normal sensible person not prone to deluding myself

Thing is, what do you imagine people who are not sensible and are prone to fooling themselves would say?

Someone who is rational and self aware who sees a ghost cat recognises that they might be tired/distracted/emotional and that the human mind is prone to flights of imagination. The same person seeing orbs goes to the doctor.

People who instead assign meaning to this stuff and think they have special powers are not rational, no matter how sure they feel.

Sadly this sort of search for meaning is common. Someone will be along in a minute to provide baseless affirmation.

Whenwilltheybequiet Sat 01-Feb-20 06:33:54

I know this post is a bit old but just wanted to say my dd sees orbs often. Sometimes she senses them as being good or bad. She sees them in different colours. Also, she sees shadows and auras around ppl too.

Jamhandprints Sat 01-Feb-20 06:55:03

Orbs and other kinds of visual blobs can be signs of medical issues as the dr above said. But ghost cats are a less common symptom.

petitepeach Fri 07-Feb-20 06:49:03

I think there is something to these orbs. My daughter went through a phase of seeing a green orb in her room; she even managed to capture it a few times with her iPad. It looked like a 3D glass sphere which darted around her room.

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