Any mediums about that can help me find

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IND24 Mon 04-Nov-19 11:22:18

My wedding ring. I'm devastated. Thank you xxx

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IND24 Mon 04-Nov-19 11:23:57

Or a reading in general x

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cornstarch Mon 04-Nov-19 11:24:17

I'm not a medium. However, I've often found things for other people that they thought were lost. Where do you think you last had it? Where do you keep looking for it?

IND24 Mon 04-Nov-19 11:31:41

I had it in my bedroom but this was about 4 years ago now. I can't afford to buy another.

The strange thing is I took 4 rings off as I sat on the floor dying my hair. When I came back up n from washing it off I could see only 3. Now all 4 mean a lot to me for different reasons. I thought to myself this is a sign as to which one is gone and it was my wedding ring. Thanks don't see how one can diss appear on its own.

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IND24 Mon 04-Nov-19 14:27:25

Please anyone xxx

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RockinHippy Mon 04-Nov-19 14:31:55

Check any shopping, carrier, storage or handbags that you might have had your hand going in & out of.

MaMisled Mon 04-Nov-19 14:32:32

Toilet/bathroom. Specifically downstairs toilet. On floor/ carpet edge.


RockinHippy Mon 04-Nov-19 14:32:46

Things like towel cupboards too, anything you might have doe tgat would help it slip off

IND24 Mon 04-Nov-19 17:51:09

Thank you all. I took it off and put it down on the floor as I used to sit on the floor to do my hair. I put it down with 3 other rings.

At the time my then 3 and 5 year olds and husband were downstairs and he said they didn't go upstairs but I can't be certain.

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Screamqueenz Mon 04-Nov-19 17:56:12

Just to be clear, this is a ring you lost 4 years ago?

I'd borrow a decent metal detector and look in every room. Kids that age post things in odd places so I'd be worried that it was in a toy thats been given away since.

(Not a medium btw)

RockinHippy Mon 04-Nov-19 18:07:37

4 years ago 😐

Did you have a cat or kitten?? If so that's a likely culprit as some cats love to steal trinkets, ours certainly do. If the cat has a stay fir its toys etc, that might be an area to look

RockinHippy Mon 04-Nov-19 18:08:26

Stash that was meant to say

bodgeitandscarper Mon 04-Nov-19 18:11:56

Under a chest of drawers/bedside cabinet?

Froglette16 Mon 04-Nov-19 18:46:40

Check behind fitted radiators. My then 2 yo hid our back door key there once. Took me days to find, thinking like a 2yo! Good luck!x

PeninsulaPanic Tue 05-Nov-19 08:51:57

I know it was a long time ago but am going to ask anyway: did you have anything on your feet at the time, like slippers, flip flops or socks? You might've caught the ring with your foot as you moved away from where you'd been drying your hair, so check under any nearby furniture, particularly if you haven't moved it since then.

Could you have been wearing a dressing gown at the time? The ring might've got caught in the hem if you were sitting on the floor, which would mean it could drop off your dressing gown somewhere else, eg. the next room you went in, or when you next took it off and hung it up, or somewhere you sat down (sofa, armchair).

Just as an aside, did anything 'go missing' in your marriage beforehand or soon after?

IND24 Tue 05-Nov-19 12:16:21

Thank you all. We have a kitten now but didn't at the time. The thing is we were decorating our bedroom at the time and we got new furniture but I did check before we threw it out. It's just bizarre that 1/4 disappeared x

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IND24 Tue 05-Nov-19 12:16:41

I checked inside the vacuum too

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PeninsulaPanic Tue 05-Nov-19 13:49:05

If you still have the same washing machine, run your finger under the rubber bit between the door and the drum. It might've got caught in something that later went in the wash.

Is there flooring or exposed floorboards in your bedroom? If so, any cracks it might've fallen into? Could it have got caught on a towel and dropped off later when you moved it to another room? I know these suggestions are real long-shots coz it was four years ago and you've obviously done tonnes of tidying and cleaning since then! grin

Crystal87 Tue 05-Nov-19 13:59:24

Near a white skirting board, gone under the edge of a carpet.

IND24 Sun 10-Nov-19 21:38:53

I've had 2 washing machines since I lost it x

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IND24 Sun 10-Nov-19 21:39:25

@Crystal87 I hope so thank you

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