Whoh, where the chuffinell did that come from? (Tips hat to acknowledge Halloween) creepy thread

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Weloveoptimus Wed 30-Oct-19 12:55:14

As a family we visited an attraction last week for the first time since I lost my Dad a year ago.
If he'd been still with us he would always come with us over the years to this place (transport museum) he absolutely loved it and we have some great memories and photographs of past happy times.
As we walked along a path approaching the entrance, a coin flew through our legs and landed at the path side on our left.
There was no one around, no passing trains or vehicles and it just wizzed past and made my son jump at its speed.
Our first response to it was that it was possibly my Dad saying "I'm here too!"
We like to think it was. He loved the place.
Anyone else had similar or experienced any situations they'd like to tell us? I do like to hear a spooky story.
(Sits back with a full bag of Belgian chocolate caramel popcorn)

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Weloveoptimus Wed 30-Oct-19 18:18:44

Spooky and shivery bump...

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Weloveoptimus Thu 31-Oct-19 20:38:07

Final bump (woooooo)

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