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Did I have a vision?

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mindreaderofdarkthoughts Fri 18-Oct-19 23:58:36

Hey guys , I’ve been working on law of attraction and I’ve been doing meditating etc etc , anyways . Last night I was meditating and I suddenly got a flash of my ex liking a photo on Instagram - it was so crystal clear like it was actually happening it jolted me out of my mediation in shock.

I haven’t spoken to him in a good few months and I’ve been trying to visualize him coming back.

Is this a sign ? A psychic vision that will come true ? I don’t know !

Anyone have any ideas ?

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PurpleDaisies Sat 19-Oct-19 00:00:29

What on earth is the law of attraction? Is it Newton’s lad of gravitation?
You didn’t have a vision. You had a clear memory of an ex. Nothing more.

candycane222 Sat 19-Oct-19 00:05:47

I want to be kind here, but - don't be daft.

If wishes were horses etc...

AthollPlace Sat 19-Oct-19 00:06:46

It’s called “imagining something”. Clearly it didn’t happen or you’d have had an Instagram notification. Visualisation does nothing except give you false hope.

AlunWynsKnee Sat 19-Oct-19 00:07:11

It's known as wishful thinking.

mindreaderofdarkthoughts Sat 19-Oct-19 00:22:12

Wow nice to know people are still making fun of people who May have psychic abilities . Thanks for making me feel like a complete and total idiot.

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Drabarni Sat 19-Oct-19 00:33:50

It's not a psychic vision, but our thoughts all mean something and it could be unrelated to your ex.
You were meditating and in a trance?

LastSamurai Sat 19-Oct-19 00:37:21

Cop on, OP. This law of attraction stuff is a snake-oil piece of nonsense aimed at selling the illusion of control to powerless people.

mindreaderofdarkthoughts Sat 19-Oct-19 00:43:36

You cop on . I believe in it and I'm entitled to . Have a nice day .

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Gingerkittykat Sat 19-Oct-19 01:41:20

Was it one of your pictures he liked on Instagram or someone elses?

Any chance of having a stalk on social media to see if he has liked a picture similar to your dream?

WhiskeyLullaby Sat 19-Oct-19 01:56:09

I bet you didn't see these replies coming.grin

FridalovesDiego Sat 19-Oct-19 02:01:39

What an amazing gift. You saw someone who is nothing to do with you liking something on instagram? What will you do with this new superpower, it really is quite extraordinary.

mindreaderofdarkthoughts Sat 19-Oct-19 02:13:00

@FridalovesDiego if you're going to be sarcastic, at least proof read first and check your grammar.

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FridalovesDiego Sat 19-Oct-19 04:17:07

😂 says the person whose writing is littered with bizarre punctuation and random capital letters!

mindreaderofdarkthoughts Sat 19-Oct-19 13:42:17

I wasn't being mean or sarcastic to anyone , you bitter troll.

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TheoriginalLEM Sat 19-Oct-19 13:52:46

I don't really believe in visions etc but i have often visualized (or imagined?) something and it has happened. However these things were semi expected so i have put two and two together to make 4.5.

It sounds like you are unhappy and missing your ex and this is why this memory trick happened to you. The mind is a powerful thing and you need to focus it on things you have control of, so you basically. If you want to get back with your ex then try. Nothing ventured and all that, but remember that exes are often such for a reason! Maybe try visualising yourself in the future , happy doing something you enjoy.

mindreaderofdarkthoughts Sat 19-Oct-19 14:36:13

@TheoriginalLEM thank you ❤️

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KnickerBockerAndrew Sat 19-Oct-19 14:41:00

I don't think you had a psychic experience, but I do think you can learn from the fact that this is where your mind took you when you were meditating. Could it be that you're a bit too focused on your ex? That you're thinking of him as your ultimate happiness?
FWIW I've read The Secret and it makes me uncomfortable. People living in poverty and with illness etc aren't that way because they're not thinking positively.

Doyoumind Sat 19-Oct-19 14:44:13

Your mind conjured this up as you were in a dream state. That just tells you what you are hoping for, not what will happen.

NameChangedNoImagination Sat 19-Oct-19 14:49:17


Mumsnet is not the place to come and talk about these things, as you can see. You just get ripped the fuck apart.

I've had plenty of visions and understand LOA so know what you're talking about. Could be a vision, could not be, just keep on the path and see where it unfolds.

all the best to you.

Onabusgoingnowhere Sat 19-Oct-19 22:02:38

This is why I stopped using Mumsnet. I’m all for opinions but this site has become cruel, unsupportive & judgemental to good people who are looking for help. There are closed groups out there op who will help you support yourself in ways this site used to,

mindreaderofdarkthoughts Sat 19-Oct-19 22:14:41

Thanks to the helpful replies. I'm going to take my question somewhere else .

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LastSamurai Sun 20-Oct-19 07:28:26

Mn remains a wonderful source of advice and help for women in difficult circumstances. But the OP wasn’t ‘looking for help’. She’s been visualising her ex because she wants him back, and wants to know whether the fact that he came into her mind is a ‘sign.’ The best advice she could be given is to move on.

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