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Could somebody help me please?

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MiniPrawn Mon 07-Oct-19 15:16:13

Do I leave and move with J?

Will things improve at home health wise?

What about financially, will my financial mess be sorted anytime soon?

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BertrandRussell Mon 07-Oct-19 15:21:32

If you’re asking the question it means you have doubts- so no.

You need to listen to the real life advice you’re getting- the people who can help you are there alreday.

Yes- if you look clearsightedky at the problems and make a step by step plan to improve things, seeking help if you need it.

MiniPrawn Mon 07-Oct-19 16:22:32

I would leave in a heartbeat if it wasn’t 1) financial situation and 2) home life and someone else’s illness

No affairs here btw

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