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Would anyone be able to give me a reading please

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Wecanworkitout Sun 06-Oct-19 14:05:14

I’d be so grateful, it’s been a difficult few years and I’d like to know if things are looking up. Thanks so much

BillHadersNewWife Sun 06-Oct-19 16:18:40

I sense that you spend a little too much time in one place...and that you really need to make a change. One room? Am I right? You need to change that as soon as possible.

THere's a woman coming to me...with a fullish face...quite elderly. She has some very positive energy towards you and is willing you to move...move more...exercise will help you a lot.

PurpleDaisies Sun 06-Oct-19 16:21:26

Why don’t you share what’s been difficult so people can help you plan to make things better yourself?

Wecanworkitout Sun 06-Oct-19 19:27:10

I’ve suffered a lot of bereavement, tied up with guilt that I wasn’t there as I’d gone NC with my alcoholic mother. A perfect storm of stuff from my childhood then ensued, it was as though the bereavement opened a Pandora’s box of stuff I’d hidden.
I’d like to find mental peace I suppose. So much stuff to work through mentally.

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