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Can anyone do me a reading please

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Doggotired Sat 05-Oct-19 16:36:23

I’ve had quite a dramatic time the last couple of years and just wondering what the future holds....

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mineralmist Sun 06-Oct-19 10:38:55

There is an important decision to be made where your job or career is concerned, and it can't realistically be put off any longer. That seems to be the most pressing aspect for you in the present. You might be struggling to realise your potential because of a setback in the fairly recent past, where something didn't pan out as you'd hoped. Realistically you have to accept that now and move forward decisively. I can't stress the theme of choice and decision enough here, so much hangs on you facing up to the uncertainty and not staying stuck and stagnating in "what ifs". Try to put your trust in yourself and your capacity to cope, ultimately, with whatever life brings. Fundamentally, however, you can't avoid the necessity to be an agent of change in your own life, and accept responsibility for your choices. Time to let one phase of your life go, you've outlived it (or it has outgrown you).

A confronting reading, perhaps, but life is trying to tell you something you need to hear.

Doggotired Sun 06-Oct-19 12:04:08

Thank you! That makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to do it for me 😊

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Shinysun Sun 06-Oct-19 14:03:38

mineralmist Hi there, if you're able to, would you be able to give me a reading? I'd appreciate it very much. Thanks you smileflowers

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