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Can dogs sense things?

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Lilmissmissy Mon 30-Sep-19 21:46:27

Sooo, we have been in our house six month and recently my partner has been working away so it has just been me and the dog.

Last week i got a little scared (i know silly really, but being home alone sometimes is creepy)
I was sat watching tv and the door leading to the hallway was open, my dog was laid on the sofa peacefully and suddenly lifted his head up looked towards the open door and started tilting his head from side to side and when i called his name he kept doing it.
After a few seconds he stopped and laid back comfortably again. I honestly found this creepy.

Two days later my partner came home and we sat in the same room again and as i started explaining to my partner what the dog had done the few nights beforehand low and be hold the dog did it again! But instead of looking towards the hallway he was looking up at the corner of the room. Just staring at something tilting his head from side to side!

Am i just being a little over the top or has my dog sensed something?????

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