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OhJustElfOff Wed 25-Sep-19 20:18:54

Hi, love these threads so hoping I can start a new one. Does anyone have any experiences of strange coincidences - good or bad?
Was thinking about them recently, when my ddad died I was listening to Spotify on my way to say my final goodbye in the car and it went off my usual 90s cheese playlist and started playing 'the time has come' by Christy Moore (I think). I'd never heard it before but the words were so poignant. I didn't get there to say goodbye but felt like I'd had my message. My dd also started singing some of the words to this song recently when I was feeling a bit low, I asked her where she'd heard it and she said she 'just knew'.
So, tell me yours? I know it's probably just confirmation bias but I love it

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OhJustElfOff Wed 25-Sep-19 20:33:09

Came back for a hopeful bump and noticed my dreadful grammar

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mineralmist Thu 26-Sep-19 22:22:48

My dad and I were estranged but when he was dying I jumped on a train and missed his last breath by less than an hour. When I got off the train in a rush (he was still alive at that point and I thought I might make it) I forgot my jacket. It was a brown bomber jacket, and by the time I realised I'd left it I got a text to say my dad had just died. I suddenly remembered a brown leather bomber jacket he bought me when I was about 10 or 11.

Later that day my brothers came to my mum's. They had been at the hospital when he died and the nurses had given them his effects, which included two coats he had bought not long before he had gone into hospital for the last time. They didn't know I'd lost my jacket earlier but they asked me if I wanted either of the coats. Although my dad and I hadn't been on speaking terms for a long time, something told me an unconscious bond still existed and he had subconsciously left me something significant that connected us through time.

OhJustElfOff Fri 27-Sep-19 12:19:18

I'm sorry to hear you were estranged and you didn't get to say goodbye but that does sound comforting flowers

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