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Formula stains ruining baby's sleepsacks - help!

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BBrush Sun 08-Sep-19 08:45:30

Hi all,

Does anyone have any hacks for getting formula stains out of clothing? I have 3 super cute little sleep bags, all with super non-cute stains around the neck where my DS dribbles some of his bedtime formula. It's Hipp Organic, the premixed type you buy already in a bottle. We've since moved on to the non-lazy version where you mix it yourself, but for some reason the bottled version is a dark colour and has left horrible yellow stains that I can't get out, even with Vanish.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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stargirl1701 Sun 08-Sep-19 08:53:09

Sunshine, wind & rain. Leave on the line for 48 hours.

dementedpixie Sun 08-Sep-19 08:54:39

Do you use bio powder? It is good for food stains

blackcat86 Sun 08-Sep-19 08:55:30

Get some powdered stain remover and chuck them on a 60 wash.

Clangus00 Sun 08-Sep-19 08:58:13

Stick a folded muslin under their chin.
But yes, sunshine is the best....but does it really matter? It’s only for their bed.

Tolleshunt Sun 08-Sep-19 08:58:50

A pre-wash soak in Napisan, though it could take a while. If you can add some bio detergent that will speed it up. It is way better at getting stains out than non-bio. Kind of ironic that we are encouraged to use non-bio with babies, when it is the least efficient detergent at getting stains out and babies are the most efficient family members at getting stains in! I seem to remember that there was a study done that showed babies were no more likely to react to bio detergents than non-bio, though of course any one individual can react to anything.

dementedpixie Sun 08-Sep-19 09:00:22

I only used non bio for a few weeks then switched back to bio

BBrush Mon 09-Sep-19 08:20:21

So interesting! I didn't know this - I've only ever used non-bio. Will have to get on the bio train. Thanks all! And yes, it doesn't really matter; just bugs me, probably a bit of minor OCD. smile

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