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Lost bag

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Belle0610 Sun 01-Sep-19 16:29:16

Can anyone help with finding a lost bag - a (very expensive) handbag but more than that has huge sentimental value to me sad

It’s a black quilted handbag with a gold chain, I am just back from a weekend hotel trip and was adamant it was in my overnight bag before we left however am now thinking I left it in the hotel room but the hotel are denying anything has been found.

Can anyone help??

Belle0610 Sun 01-Sep-19 20:44:11

Hopeful bumping

commanderdalgleish Sun 01-Sep-19 21:44:05

You might need to say which hotel you were in to see if anyone's found it?

Belle0610 Sun 01-Sep-19 22:39:20

It was the elephant hotel in Pangbourne. Was hoping anyone psychic could help too.

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