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Can anybody relate to similar experiences?

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Mummy2Babba Sun 25-Aug-19 05:52:31

I have always been very sceptical about spirituality, religion, the unknown and the ‘woo hoo’ , I am usually the type of person that finds explanations for goings ons but I do believe there is something. I just wanted to share my experiences and find out if anyone can relate.
When I was around 7 driving in the car with my dad , we lived rurally , driving past mountains I seen clearly ( can still remember vividly to this day) a wooden train just floating past the mountain and disappearing. It was just completely weird and definitely real.
On another occasion around the same age I had a plastic magic wand from a fairy dress up outfit and remember sitting up in my bed around midnight and waving it at the window to make it morning again and no word of a lie, instantly it was morning and my mum came through to get me up for school! With the wand still in my hand! Obviously I know children’s imaginations can be wild , but these two events have remained with me and I know for a fact it was not imaginative!
Fast forward to adulthood.
I have many dreams that come true, ones which have included a close relative showing me around a graveyard and the next day finding out they have died , suddenly ( this was when I was pregnant).
I have regular premonitions , sometimes about silly things , sometimes just unreal!
People say things to me that relates directly to my dreams from the very previous night!
I also feel as though I can read people and when I have demonstrated this it has always been very accurate , to the point of surprising myself.
I have been to a few readings and I am still unsure of psychic abilities. I know some take advantage of the vulnerable but I do believe there may be genuine people out there that can communicate with the other side and predict things etc. Twice I have been told I have ‘ the gift’ although I have never admitted to them my knowledge of my own ‘abilities’
Am I talking nonsense ? Or does anyone believe that these things mean anything or are purely coincidental .
I could talk for ages about scenarios that have occurred , some more strange but I would be here all night 😂.

Thankyou for reading , and for any replies ❤️

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Tiredmum100 Thu 29-Aug-19 20:50:29

Hi, I think it sounds as if you have a gift! Do you want to look in to developing it further? Is there anyone you know in real life you could talk to? One genuine question- did you feel tired missing a night's sleep? I had some funny experiences as a child I did write about them once but feel like I might be seen as mad! Also had a few things recently that I thought and have come true, may just be coincidence!

HelC46 Thu 29-Aug-19 21:03:22

Sometimes I just have a very strong intuitive feeling about something that I can't explain at the time but is right in the end. Like a few years ago we booked a last minute holiday and as we were looking I just had this really strong feeling we shouldn't go. I didn't say anything as I didn't feel I could veto the holiday plan on a bad feeling. So we went, my OH got a really bad ear infection on the first day and I spent the entire holiday alone because he was in bed. Not to mention having to track down a doctor and chemist on a small Greek island, obviously the rep helped. Like I said not a huge disaster but I knew something would go wrong. When we got back I told OH and he said next time say something. My sister is more like that. She remembers talking to our Grandma the night before she died, she was 4 at the time. I definitely believe and don't think you are off at all.

HelC46 Thu 29-Aug-19 21:04:30

Sorry meant odd not off x

Mummy2Babba Thu 29-Aug-19 21:28:11

Thankyou for your replies! That is truly weird!
Anybody else want to share?

I’m not sure I would take them further as I would be scared to vent an ability and to be wrong, would seem a fool!
So many things have happened !
No I never felt tired after the wand situation I was just in shock. X

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