Do you believe in ghosts?

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shithappens123 Sat 27-Jul-19 22:30:24

Had friend and her partner over for dinner and we got talking about the supernatural. I’ll be honest I was rather surprised when she casually said she’d seen ghosts quite regularly (she works in a hospital) so my question is, do you believe in the supernatural?

I’m on the fence as I’ve never experienced anything like that myself however I’m open minded on the subject 👻

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pusspusslet Sun 28-Jul-19 15:48:26

I do, but I’m not aware of ever having seen one. I love reading about others’ experiences though smile

Bunbunbunny Sun 28-Jul-19 15:58:46

Yes, used to see a shadow of a man quite often at home. Didn't give it much thought until my DH spotted it and scared the crap out of him. We called him jock, probably didn't bother me as I grew up in the house so knew no different

Myimaginarycathasfleas Sun 28-Jul-19 17:58:57

Categorically no. I don't believe in anything supernatural, am not superstitious and have no religious faith. I'm constantly astonished at the number of people who do though.

InTheHeatofLisbon Sun 28-Jul-19 18:01:17

I do, yes.

Several experiences both at work and in my personal life have brought me to that conclusion.

People think it's weird, that's ok. I don't really care.

FreddiesMammy Sun 28-Jul-19 18:04:16

I do. I was always 50/50 and wanted proof, then got it in my old house. I woke up to see a woman standing above my bed, went into the bedroom once and saw ExP looking out the window I spoke to him but he didn’t reply so left and he was in the living way he could’ve moved that fast, felt ExP get into bed with me and told him he felt freezing he didn’t reply so turned the light on and no one was there

MummyOfTwo92 Sun 28-Jul-19 18:12:07

Yes I do but I have never seen one.

We had the odd thing in our old house after my grandad passed away, more so when our second child was born. I was doing a night feed but wide awake. I had put DD down when I heard a mans voice shh'ing her to sleep and saying it's ok. I turned to look at DP but he was fast asleep and it wasn't his voice. I'd also heard it over our other DDs monitor a few times and so had MIL. Paper documents magically appearing in the fridge. Just little things. Eldest DD talking about "a man". The other week eldest DD looked at a corner of a room and said "hello how are you doing? Then said I'm going to grandma names house" I haven't mentioned my grandma by name so was surprised to hear this. No idea if she's heard it of other family. I think most children can see things.


shithappens123 Sun 28-Jul-19 22:26:22

You guys are braver then me, I think I’d probably have a heart attack if I actually saw something shock

I phoned my friend to ask her if she had any experiences and she told me that when she was a little girl she suffered from insomnia. One night, in the early hours she heard what sounded like an army outside her house. With chariots and lots of people marching, she was too scared to walk over to the window and look out and eventually it went away. The thing is nobody else heard it but she swears it’s true and it’s not her style to BS.

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Basketofkittens Sat 03-Aug-19 11:52:51

I live in an old hospital (renovated into luxury flats) and I regularly experience things.

Hazardtired Sat 03-Aug-19 11:57:58

I know a lot of nurses/care staff and they have story after story and most are believers of something unexplainable thanks to working in hospitals. I take their word for it as they are the ones around life and death more than me.

KevinsCarter Sat 03-Aug-19 12:03:30

I'd say no. But... and it's a big one. We live on the site of an old hospital and since we had our daughter there have been odd things happen. She wakes up in the night terrified because a girl in a red/purple dress won't let her out of bed. It's recurrent.
I've bad things like breathing at me whilst in bed. Running footsteps and this week, I swear I saw something pass the living room door. DH says doesn't seem to feel alone and my mother says she has seen shadows cross the spare room at night.

However, DD could be having nightmares. I have experienced sleep paralysis before so it could be back. I was sitting in the dark when I saw the figure so shadows and DH might be imagining it. My mother the same.

What is spooky is that the neighbours had the same thing when their DD was the same thing. Other people on the development have reported things and the vicar seemed genuinely worried when I mentioned it casually. DD has never heard us discuss happenings on the estate.

It doesn't scare me. If DD comes in terrified I tell her that nothing can hurt her and do the go away thing. We are happy to stay there alone.

So there it is. I don't know whether we want to investigate further.

GertrudeCB Sun 18-Aug-19 16:31:07

Yes I do.
Lived in a house that had a presence when I was a child. I saw and heard things that couldn't be explained ~ so did the rest of my family. So did the 2 successive owners.
Also worked in a place that has a presence.

Jsmith99 Sun 18-Aug-19 16:37:28


I don’t believe in Santa Claus, leprechauns, the tooth fairy or the Easter Bunny either, and until I see some proper evidence of the existence of such things that isn’t going to change.

Thatsalovelycuppatea Sun 18-Aug-19 21:27:48

Yes. I am always aware of something on the landing. Then one day, I nearly crapped myself when I saw an old woman walk from the bathroom. I also saw a ghost of a man near my parents House. I felt so sick an hour after seeing it. It was so weird.

TheJoxter Sun 18-Aug-19 21:31:31

I do. Could never live in a house converted from a hospital or similar, too spooky for me. A local prison is being converted into luxury flats and I don’t know how anyone could comfortably live in them.

timshelthechoice Sun 18-Aug-19 21:34:34


Atlasta Sat 24-Aug-19 16:31:35

As a child I was lying on the sofa at my grandparents house when a choir of around ten boys and an older man in choir-style robes marched past the end of the sofa and through the wall towards the front of the house. There was no noise but I could see that they looked like they were singing.i was stunned. My grandad was sat watching the television oblivious to them.
He laughed when I told him.
I am still bewildered.
The strange thing is that straight opposite the house is the village church.
I visited and for many years lived in this house. I never saw them again. There was a 'strange' atmosphere sometimes though ( before and after I saw this apparition). My mum had strange experiences living there as a teen.

pusspusslet Fri 18-Oct-19 11:40:41

Some great stories here! Any more?

I know somebody who has moved into luxury flat in what used to be a mental hospital, and whenever I drive past I wonder whether the residents have any odd experiences. I couldn't live in a place like that shock

Icantbelieveitsnotnutter Sun 20-Oct-19 01:00:22

My friend's previous house was odd. We'd hear women's voices in the kitchen, from the living room, quite muffled. Also a shaky balloon, those large ones that have rice inside of them. It terrified me and I'm usually a cynical sceptic! My pal found out the house used to be a flower shop years before and she'd often have lovely wafts of floral smells when walking in and out of rooms downstairs.

RockinHippy Sun 20-Oct-19 11:34:13

Yes, I have memories of seeing "ghosts" going back as far as 5. Some positive & some negative. I lived with a negative one for 4 years, convincing myself it couldn't physically hurt me. That was until the day it threw a knife at me. Leaving that flat I realised that fire, flood & pestilence--I kid you not-- we're probably also down to it. Still makes me shudder to this day

Icantbelieveitsnotnutter Thu 24-Oct-19 21:38:49

Any more? A pub I used to frequent had funny acoustics in their ladies toilets. Many of us would hear indistinguishable hushed conversations in the next cubicle, an empty one! Definitely a close up sound that would almost drift in and drift away again (like it was voices caight in a bubble.) Not when I was too tiddly either. grin

headinhands Sat 26-Oct-19 15:28:09

Nah. We've managed to document creatures that live in the deepest part of the ocean so you'd expect there to be some evidence by now. Was talking to my sister some years ago when I said similar and she said 'you need to watch some videos on YouTube' and then looked confused when I laughed.

Sinittasdancers Mon 11-Nov-19 16:11:53

I saw things as a child when living in a very old house that can't be explained and have been corroborated by others who didn't know my experiences. I could not be less woo but I think there are things we are not yet able to explain with current scientific knowledge.

Eckhart Fri 15-Nov-19 00:23:22

I lived in a house when I was little where inexplicable stuff happened. For example, my brother's tonka truck (it had a skip on the back) was full to the brim with water one morning. There were no leaks in the ceiling, and neither myself nor my brother would have had the wherewithall to fill it so full. We've never known why it happened. We used to hear breathing.

Eckhart Fri 15-Nov-19 00:25:47

I have no idea if ghosts exist or not. I've seen a few weird things, but who knows, maybe it's just the workings of the human mind?
What I love is when people say categorically that ghosts do not exist. They can say that with confidence, because they have proof. Right?

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