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Is my house haunted?!

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whatthejeff6 Sun 10-Mar-19 20:20:22

So, moved into a 1930s house a couple of months ago. The people we bought it off had done it all up, they bought it off an old lady who unfortunately died during the sale process. This was approx 4 years ago.

When we moved in we had a few things to do so didn't move in completely. When I was on my own in the house decorating I felt this really cold breeze across my waist and thighs by the windowsill, I thought I'd left a window open but I hadn't, I also checked to see if there was a breeze coming from the window seal but there wasn't. I just shook it off. This was in my son's room.

Funny things have been happening like blinds being put up that I haven't put up. I also found a fresh leaf in my son's room - no explanation how it got there - no window open - husband hadn't been up there.

Tonight I was laying with my son whilst he went off to sleep and I saw what looked like a camera flash twice outside his bedroom window / behind the blind. I got up to see what it was and asked if my husband had taken a picture in the garden - nope!

I do get the sense of someone being here, but I don't get a bad vibe at all. Am I imagining this?

CoachBombay Sun 10-Mar-19 20:23:08

As silly as this sounds you could ask whatever precense is in the house to move on and leave. You have power over them in this realm.

I lived in a old 1800 cottage once and felt a non threatening precense , I asked it to leave. Never had any problem since.

whatthejeff6 Sun 10-Mar-19 20:49:51

Ok - I feel a bit better as apparently locally there is a lightening storm going on 😂

Doesn't explain the other stuff so I will ask it to leave.

CoachBombay Sun 10-Mar-19 21:19:45

I was super British and polite about it, I stood in the middle of the dining room where most of the activity was and literally said something along the lines of:

"excuse me, ahem, don't mean to interrupt, but ahem, you have to leave my home, really sorry it's not working, you must go and move on and leave this house in peace"


whatthejeff6 Sun 10-Mar-19 21:31:01


I am going to see how it goes and may ask it to move on. I don't feel they're doing any harm at the moment.

My husband thinks I'm bonkers.

He's always been sceptical about this stuff whereas I've always been a believer.

Thanks for the tip grin

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