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Very shaken with my dream

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PeachRose Mon 25-Feb-19 10:54:12

Something very strange happened last night whilst I was asleep so you could say it was a weird dream but i woke in the morning and it was still kind of dark, I could see a hand with a finger open and asking me to come towards it, I tried to wake up and scream but I couldn't say or shout anything, then the other hand was asking me to come towards it and i could make out a mans body but the face was behind the door. I was so scared I tried not to go back to sleep but so tired I closed my eyes and I was in a field with a river and another woman. It was so real I felt her hand holding mine and the water and breeze on my face. I was shaking when I woke up but the figure of the man asking me to go with him has really shaken me. I know it was a weird dream but can't help thinking what would of happened if I went. Scared to go to bed tonight. Has anyone else experience this? What are your thoughts?

Flowerfae Sun 10-Mar-19 00:25:08

Hi, it's sleep paralysis I get it quite a lot (unfortunately) when I get it, it's like a large dark figure is stood either at the end of the bed or to the side of the bed. Your actually still dreaming when it happens, it's just your body hasn't woken up yet.

yummm Sun 10-Mar-19 01:09:24

I get this. As a believer, I plead the blood of Jesus while struggling to wake up and I'm freed and wake up instantly...... I find this extremely terrifying and can't/ don't always want to go back to sleep but praying usually helps. I haven't had sleep paralysis since grin

BlueEyedBengal Sun 10-Mar-19 01:20:17

I get it a lot lately, I don't sleep well but when I do it's like there a great weight weighing me down. I try to move but no amount of struggle can help. I'm sure at the time someone something much stronger than me is on top of me I panic at the time terrified of what it might be, I shout a silent shout "get off me" my heart going twice as fast the weight lifts and I sit up confused. Really terrified by this and trued everything and it happens a few times a month

thoroclock Sun 10-Mar-19 01:43:37

I've had these dreams since I was 15, I'm now in my 40's. Never connected them with anything going on in my life at the time, no stress, fatigue, illness etc.
They are often just the black imposing figure by the bed that was described up thread, but also I've had vivid nightmares where I've been in danger in some way and the feeling is exactly the same.
It's always a sense of being in serious danger, of someone coming to get me or of having to fight someone/thing off, then I realise I'm dreaming, my heart is racing, I'm terrified, I try to scream but nothing comes out, I can 'feel' all my energy going into trying to scream (my husband says I make weird whimpering noises when I get to this stage and he knows to wake me up) but if he doesn't, it feels like the part of me that's awake is fighting with every drop of energy to get my brain to wake up, I almost awaken but get pulled back into the dream, and terror, again and again. When I finally manage to wake myself up, adrenaline is coursing through my body and I am terrified. The other night when I woke from one, my entire body felt like one huge electric shock all over it. I felt like I'd been plugged in!
I have to stay awake for a while so that I don't slip back into it again when I fall asleep.

I wish I could get to the bottom of why I have them. I've always believed they must be significant in some way but I haven't a clue why.

I really hope yours was a one off. X

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