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Meaning of dreams

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Bethany1990 Sat 23-Feb-19 19:35:04

My dream last night was lovely at first I'm 7 weeks pregnant and I have recurring miscarriages 😞 my favourite person in my life was my grandad who died 5 years ago we were so close he was like my father and my best friend I dreamt last night I was telling him I was pregnant and he said he already knew and give me the biggest warmest smile ... no one in the room could see or hear my grandad but me then all of a sudden a snake jumped out behind the couch to get my grandads dog it was so fast and my grandad killed it instantly with his hand does anyone know meaning of dreams

reenchantmentofeverydaylife Wed 27-Feb-19 00:17:22

Hi Bethany1990

Your dream has really intrigued me. Firstly I wanted to say how sorry I am to hear about your recurring miscarriages and I hope your latest pregnancy is still going well so far. My sense is that a wise part of yourself that you trust deeply is represented by your grandad in the dream. He knows about your pregnancy before you even tell him, which suggests that he also knows about your lost pregnancies. You say you're the only person who can see him, so it's like you're alone with him in the room when the snake appears. Your grandad fells the snake in order to protect not just you but your unborn baby too, which is a very important aspect of the dream's meaning. What you know about your grandad in waking life is that his wife, your grandma, was able to carry pregnancies to full term. So your grandad knows something about how to nurture and/or protect pregnant women.

In Greek mythology there's a story involving a dead child called Glaucus, which in Latin means blue-grey. A man called Polyidus who was a 'seer' brought Glaucus back to life, but he was only able to do so after observing that a snake he had killed was brought back to life by a second snake which put a special herb into the mouth of the dead snake. Polyidus then used that herb to bring the small boy back to life.

I mention this because when I read your dream I was suddenly reminded of the myth. Your grandad protected his dog from the snake by killing it, but he had no direct suggestions for protecting you against the possibility of another miscarriage. However, there might be some unconscious connection between the dog and your attempts to conceive. The connection could be understood if you thought about what you associate with your grandad's dog, starting with anything you remember about it, eg. the colour of it's coat, its name, was it male or female, did it ever have puppies (or sire any litters, if it was a male dog), and anything else that comes to mind when you think about that dog, or any memories of your grandad and his dog together.

I know this might all sound a bit weird, but dreams can be very powerful healing stories and I think you probably posted about this dream because you know somehow that it's important. So we might be able to work on it together in this thread, or by private message, if you'd like to try. Any information about your previous pregnancies would be useful, if you feel able to share it.

In the myth, the child drowned in a big pot of honey. I don't know what the herb was that brought the snake and the child back to life, but in an earlier part of the story the herb mulberry is significant. However, mulberry is not recommended for pregnant women because it has high levels of potassium. Honey, on the other hand, is safe to consume during pregnancy. Is honey part of your diet? Finding ways to include it might be beneficial to you while you're carrying. This is the sort of hint that dreams often drop - it's not that all pregnant women would necessarily really benefit from having honey regularly, but for some reason that we don't understand, it might be of personal benefit in your case.

I feel very strongly that patterns shared by dreams and myths can be significant, and that's why I stuck my neck out to reply to you here. Some people might think I'm talking sh*t, but if it helps at all, I don't care what people think! wink

reenchantmentofeverydaylife Wed 27-Feb-19 00:18:42

Oh sorry, I should've said "attempts to carry to full term", not "attempts to conceive". Apologies for that.

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