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bekindtothenewgirl Sat 02-Feb-19 14:43:10

I'm quite new to the LoA and just wondered if people had any positive stories (big or small) or any tips to share.

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Anonymous001 Sun 03-Feb-19 04:40:24

I would honestly try to discourage LOA, it is supposed to be seen as a positive and good practice, but from my experiences and my friends, it's caused stress.

For example I have a friend who got addicted to psychics about her ex boyfriend, would they get back together etc. Most readers will say to her to practice LOA and it will almost certainly bring her ex back, but she has to practice LOA properly and do the instructions that the reader gives them properly or it will not work (it is lots of pressure). My friend worked hard and did many positive affirmations and started lots of goals and good karma like helping out and volunteering etc etc and the ex did not come back. Because I don't believe it in, I've been called a negative Nancy but I was correct in the sense that I told her if things will happen, they'll happen regardless of if you are practising LOA or not. She ended up feeling disheartened that the LOA that people praise so much - did not work!

Believe me if something is meant for you whether it's a home, job, new partner or ex returning, resolving of a friendship or family feud - it will sort itself out naturally or it is not meant to be. What is meant for you won't pass you by.

I've also gone to psychics who gave me exercises to fulfill and I did it religiously because I wanted different areas to be successful in my life. Did they happen? Did they hell. I found that the more I let things go and didn't think of those areas, put less thought and pressure onto an area it happened and I felt more relaxed in the long run because I let it go..

People tend to practice LOA and end up driving themselves crazy "am I doing it good enough? Is this the right way? Could I be doing better? I've been doing it for 1/2/3/4 days why is nothing happening, I give up".. I find LOA is just an excuse readers make to put blame onto you if they get their predictions wrong.

Now probably you haven't been to a psychic and just read up about Law of Attraction, but I'm just warning you about my experiences of LOA and others. I'd really just get on with your life and allow things to happen.

People who reply to me and say "well I asked for so and so to happen and it did".. I could ask for a chocolate bar and my friend or parents could turn up with a chocolate bar when they next see me.. Things can happen coincidentally or have a 50/50% chance of happening or not. Sometimes yes - you will get what you ask for and sometimes you won't. That's life. Again, we can't have it all and LOA is unhealthy in that sense. All I've ever heard about LOA is "I'm doing LOA to manifest this and that", that is not healthy. We have to realise that we cannot always have what we need or want in life, we should let things go naturally and live our lives.

Of course I am not saying that people shouldn't be positive about themselves and shouldn't think "I am beautiful/worthy/loved/special etc", of course you have to be and have confidence, do the things that you enjoy. But don't live religiously by LOA that has been proven to not work all the time even if it has "worked" before. You'll end up being very disappointed if you rely on it too much and things don't happen as you wish they would by LOA.

Also some people on MN always will believe in LOA, and that's fine that's up to them. But I'm just warning the bad sides of LOA I've witnessed. It isn't all roses and sunshine like it's made out to be.

lovely36 Wed 13-Feb-19 23:20:28

The law of attraction is very real. I put it to the test to see if it really worked and here's my experience:

Growing up I was very very shy. I moved to America from mexico at the age of 5. I didn't know English so my shyness began from there. It followed me all the way to highschool. I developed social anxiety and I would get very nervous when anyone would speak to me. My jaw would shatter and I would go bright red. I only always had a few friends. I'd have like one or two I would have lunch with and that was it. I got along with evryone as I kept to myself and was very nice. So here's where my experience began. I saw a documentary on the law of attraction. I though.. what is it that I want the most? And the answer might sound ridiculous to you but at the time I was 16 and to me was to be popular, to have a lot of friends, to be surrounded by people all the time. (I never ever had experienced this so naturally it was something I always wanted.. a lot of friends) I imagined myself as the most likeable person in the school. I put it my mind "evryone loves me." "Evryone wants to hang out with me." And I made myself believe it. I genuinely made myself believe this. That I was so popular. ThT evryone lpved me, everyone wanted to be around me. Well what happened in the matter of 3 months absolutely changed my life. From that day. My attitude completely changed and evryone around me began gravitating to me. It was really weird. From the time I began to 3 weeks after that I started hanging out with a group of girls... all of a sudden I had loads of friends! Evryone wanted to be around me. I was getting invited everywhere. I was being asked to have lunch with different people. My life completely changed. I remember looking around and getting a little scared. I remember thinking it's real. That same week it was nominations for homecoming queen. I ran. I won. I fucking won. Wth?! Me.. shy little me literally won homecoming queen in the matter of 5 months. I went from no one being around me to me being one of the most liked girls in my school. It was insane. Now I think back and laugh as I'm also 30. I cringe. But oh it's very real. And at the time it completely changed my life. All from a little experiment I decided to try.. yup it works.

LHMB Thu 04-Apr-19 15:38:15

I'm very sceptical about this. A couple of friends believe in it, I know someone who lives their life by it, yet others say it's "a load of bollocks". I personally don't really believe in it

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