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Missing earring

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PandaG Mon 14-Jan-19 19:50:11

As a teenager I was working in the family business, and got down to floor level to pull out a sheet of A1 card for a customer. I saw something on the floor under the shop fixture, picked it up - it was a ring. I put it in the till for safe keeping, and then handed it to my dad when he arrived, asking him if I should nip to the police station on my break. He took one look, said I know who that belongs to, and put it in his pocket. Unbeknown to me, my gran had lost her ring several weeks earlier, she had taken it off to make pastry and put it in her pocket. This was immediately before Christmas and she hasn't said anything then to put a dampner on the celebrations. In hindsight we think she had taken a hankie out of her pocket while visiting the shop, and flicked the ring out. She would have visited several shops on that trip, the floor will have been hoovered every day for about 6 weeks, and there were 20 odd staff who worked in the shop, and it was me that found it. My dad now has the ring, I do hope to eventually inherit it. smile

Wasitnotme Mon 14-Jan-19 19:30:44

I have a necklace which my husband bought me which has a heart pendant attached to it via a clip (this was bought abroad not UK) the heart pendant is covered in diamonds so is probably expensive but more sentamental value anyway a few years ago I wore it anyway on walk home I happened to look down on path ahead and saw something shining as it was late summer evening and couldn't believe it was my heart pendant it must have fallen off on walk down and it was pure luck that I saw it. I now never wear it in case I lose it again

VictoriaBun Thu 10-Jan-19 17:45:32

Had a bracelet which I never took off. Was on a walking holiday, and one evening whilst in the shower noticed it wasn't there. Looked all over the hotel room, the bed, the car etc etc . Was very upset but assumed lost on a walk. Often felt very sad, and missed it not being on my wrist. Fast forward to the following year, again on a walking holiday. Found the bracelet caught in my walking gloves.

ChickenPieBumFace Thu 10-Jan-19 17:43:29

I lost a ring on a night out once. Was gutted. Went back to all the places I had been and it was not found. Several---- Months later I had moved house and was unpacking boxes and there in the middle of the floor of my new bedroom was my ring! All I can think is that it was caught on my clothes that night, transferred to something that I packed, got moved to the new house and then appeared again in the middle of the room all on its own!

GreenTulips Thu 10-Jan-19 17:38:55

I lost one and it turned up months later in a sock - so it’s possible they get transferred this way

tillytoodles1 Thu 10-Jan-19 17:34:34

I lost an earring, looked everywhere but couldn't find it. One day I was going downstairs and out the corner of my eye, saw it sitting in the middle of my daughter's bedroom floor. It was over 30 yrs ago and still puzzles me.

kathryng90 Thu 10-Jan-19 17:26:08

My mum is very, very realistic - no belief in supernatural. She lost an earring on 28/11/18 and was very upset my dad gave them to her. Anyway today she was in her kitchen and looked into the dogs bowl wondering what was shining. The earring! Dog uses the bowl twice a day. Mum cleans the kitchen every day. Coat worn daily and all clothes she had on worn and washed multiple times since November. Pls share any more lost and found stories.

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