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Odd experience after my Mum died

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HolyandWild Mon 10-Dec-18 23:09:10

So this happened several years ago but I recently can't stop thinking about it and wondered what other people think. Fair warning that it's a bit random 🙄 so quit reading now if you're busy!

My mum was dying and I stayed with her in her small flat for a couple of weeks before she died. It had 1 bedroom leading onto a sitting room that then led to the kitchen. There was just us there. My DH at the time was working away. One evening I had helped her to bed before tidying the kitchen and sitting to watch TV for a little while. In the kitchen I left a washing basket against the wall on the work top. It had inside it a peg bag and 3 plastic bowls (the sort that fit inside each other) that I wasn't sure where to put so I left it there. I switched off the light after making sure all windows were closed etc and closed the door. I sat down and watched the news for 10 mins before getting my sleeping bag out. There was only 1 bedroom and as my Mum was very ill with cancer I was often up at night looking after her, so I was on the sofa. I went into the kitchen for a glass of water and stopped dead in my tracks as I saw the washing basket in the middle of the floor with the peg bag and the three bowls each in a separate corner of the room. Yes I know that's weird and a bit random! Obviously nobody else had been in there and I'd only been away 10 minutes. There was no window open or breeze and no pets to knock anything over and I heard no noise. In fact it had been very quiet as the TV had been on really quiet to not disturb my Mum. I picked them up, put them back in the same place and told my mum the next day, who also thought it was bizarre. I told my DH about it, who looked at me like I was nuts 🤪 said it was rubbish and refused to discuss it.
My mum died a couple of days later and I stayed at her flat with my DH, who had been allowed to come home, in the following week for the funeral. On the day of the funeral we were exhausted and sat in the sitting room in the evening when we heard a big bang in the kitchen. We both shot up and opened the door to find the basket and, peg bag and bowls in the same position on the floor. They had originally been back on the work top as I hadn't touched them again with all that had happened. We were incredibly uncomfortable and I felt scared. We never did really discuss it as it was so weird and a bit random. DH is now ex DH so I can't ask him now but I often think about it.

I definitely didn't imagine it and know I didn't because DH was there the 2nd time after I had told him about the 1st time. Thanks if you have read this far! Has anyone any ideas or thoughts?

PulyaSochsup Wed 12-Dec-18 11:50:07

Sounds very scary! I have had strange occurrences too following death and dying, I will post them later.
It sounds like the energy became more negative after she died, perhaps that is one explanation. After my mother's death, my father was ranting and raving at me about 18 months later, saying that my siblings and I had killed her and that because of us she was glad to die. The light bulb above him randomly shattered. It quietened him for a while anyway. FWIW she died from an inoperable brain tumour ☹️. There are other incidents but I'll share them later.
It sounds to me as though the energy of your pain and your mother's suffering was somehow communicated to ordinary objects.

HolyandWild Wed 12-Dec-18 22:45:25

Thank you for your reply x

Millie2013 Thu 13-Dec-18 21:08:49

I’m very non woo, but my dad died fairly recently and I’ve heard some odd sounds since. The most recent was a couple of weeks ago when DD was poorly one night so I was wide awake and someone knocked three times on my bedroom door (nobody else in the house and DD was in my bed, asleep)

There have been other noises when I was downstairs during the day, loud noises, so not the usual creaks and groans, but nothing to be found when I’ve looked around upstairs. I’m baffled, but not scared in the least

rosieposey Thu 13-Dec-18 21:20:08

No idea what could have caused that. I'm quite open minded and from what I've read it sounded like poltergeist activity perhaps?

Maybe not there when your Mum was living there but as she was dying iyswim? anyway I know it was a while ago but I'm sorry for your loss.

HolyandWild Fri 14-Dec-18 18:19:34

Thank you Rosieposie. I was 22 and although it was 20 years ago I still miss her x

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