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Weirdest things you have seen people do in public??

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ShaquilleOatmeal Sun 21-Oct-18 14:55:47

Can be funny too..
But mine was horrible.I seen this man going up to the smoking area.And taking used not fully smoked cigarettes and butts and smoking them...sad

Angie169 Sun 21-Oct-18 17:06:49

Similar kind of thing for me , I worked in a big pub for a while and a very respectable looking chap came in two or three times a week usually just after the lunchtime rush and he would grab a pint pot of a table and walk round emptying any leftover drinks into the glass he was carrying , It did not matted what it was it would all go into the same glass unless it was a soft drink , but larger , bitter , ale , mild , wine , spirits , would all end up in one glass he would then go and sit in the same corner and spend a hour or so reading the paper drinking his concoction.
I could understand it if he was short of cash , but he always looked well turned out , clean shaven , smart clean clothes usually trousers and blue / white shirt but sometimes jeans and tshirt/ he always had that days paper normally one of the more expensive broad sheets like the guardian or observer

NoArmaniNoPunani Sun 21-Oct-18 17:07:55

I saw a man drop his pants and curl a shit out in a car park

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