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Dreams coming true.

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anxiousworld Sun 14-Oct-18 17:29:32

Hi everyone,

This is going to sound very strange but for the past week I’ve been having the worst nightmares imaginable.

I have been dreaming about the death of my family members, my dad has been poorly with an unexplained illness and I keep dreaming that he’s died.

I dreamt mum died, my aunty, my uncle, my cousins... (who I’m not close to and never see!)

There have been a lot of very weird things I’ve been dreaming about that have come true in the past month or so. 3 days ago I dreamt that I murdered an old colleague that I haven’t seen or spoken to in 12 months. That morning I woke up to find out that same person had written some long winded Facebook status about me that was cruel. Obviously the dream didn’t come true (I didn’t murder her) but I bloody could have after I’d read what she’d wrote.

Today, my cousin was murdered. Stabbed to death in the street. The same cousin i’d dreamt about dying just two days ago.

All of this is really starting to freak me out and because I’d told people a few days ago about the dream, they think I’m some sort of psychic mentalist.

What can cause these dreams about death? Last night was the only time in the past 9 days that I haven’t dreamt about death at all and I finally had a peaceful sleep.

HollowTalk Sun 14-Oct-18 17:30:40

Wow that's strange. Your poor cousin. How awful.

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