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New woo for Hallowe'en! :D

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irisetta Sun 07-Oct-18 01:29:06

It's October, it's time for some brand new spooky real life tales... I have one to start us off!

When I was at uni, about 19 years old, I was staying in halls that were very old (college dates back to the 12th C) - however, the apparition that I saw did not look old at all.

It was a Saturday night, I'd been drinking, yes - and I'd gone to bed with someone who was probably a mistake, but who I knew well and liked, and it seemed a good idea at the time... anyway, he went home, I swigged a load of water and went straight back to bed, feeling (guiltily) quite pleased that he'd gone. I woke a few hours later, and there was a young man sitting between my bed and my desk, about a foot away from my desk, by the window, not more than a few inches from my head.

He was sitting in profile to me, but there was enough light coming through the window (blind not down!) to roughly make out his features. My first thought was irritation - "What are you doing here, G***!" But then he turned his head, slowly and faced me, and he did not look anything like G****, he was wearing a beanie hat (which G** never wore, he had the most awful dreads!), and his eyes were absolute pits of black. Just pure black, alien, desperate eyes. And I will never, ever forget that, ever. I just screamed "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT" and I leaped out of bed, away from it, turned on the lights, and it was gone.

There were feelings of sorrow, and longing, and pain, that came off this entity, however I did not need or want to bloody well know, it was terrifying and I did not need that in my life right then!! (still don't, tbh!!)

Of course, it's easy to say that I was just drunk dreaming, however I dream a lot, very vividly. I have suffered from both sleep paralysis and sleepwalking, and I know when I'm asleep or awake. When I saw that boy, I was wide, crystal clear awake.

I did stay in that room for the rest of my second year, never had any more experiences like that, however a friend of mine in another room in the college had experiences so bad (repeatedly) she had to move out, and to this day they've never put another student in that room.

orenisthenewblack Thu 11-Oct-18 21:29:35

Bumping for you Op. Anyone seen a video on FB today showing two little girls dancing. One falls backwards and it looks like she was pulled or pushed. Pretty weird..... I guarantee it will be on This Morning by the end of the week!

Thinkingofausername1 Sat 13-Oct-18 19:56:27

Today I I saw a ghost of an old woman walking from the bathroom onto the landing. I was actually quite pleased to see it, because i thought I was starting to go mad when I felt I could hear footsteps in the night.
I thought I'd feel scared if I saw it, but she just had white hair and a dressing gown on. And just looked like a sweet old lady.

shrunkenhead Sun 14-Oct-18 16:41:44

Can you send a link to the video?

whynotgetalong Wed 17-Oct-18 15:37:55

I've had something really strange happen to me once. I've never told anyone and to this day, I can't explain it. This was a few years ago when I lived in another area. I was going weekly to these yoga classes in the evenings. After the class we would lay down flat on the floor and the instructor would lead us through a meditation.

One day in the class, I was laying on the floor, there were about 20 other people laying around me. The instructor always turned the lights out in the room at this point. As it was around 9pm in the Autumn, the room was pitch black except a candle burning near the instructor who had a 'yoga type' chanting sounds cd next to her whilst she talked relaxingly through the mindfulness meditation that night.

I lay on the floor eyes closed listening to her, feeling my mind and body relax. Suddenly, I 'saw' a shiny, gold person shaped 'being' behind my closed eyes. I could tell by the features that it was a man, 30'ish, but I couldn't see any details. He was just shiny gold. He held out his hand to me, I reached for it. I wasn't scared, just completely calm and relaxed. I took his hand and then what I can only describe as flashing images started appearing before me. Almost like a movie. It was various places, people, events. They looked old, ancient woods, people in strange dress, people riding horses through the wood, battles from long ago. I didn't recognise the images, but somehow they felt familiar to me. I watched quietly what was flashing before me.

After the images stopped I looked at the man, who was looking at me. He kissed my lips. I felt so loved and in love. As soon as his lips pulled away from mine, I immediately became aware of the instructor speaking again and the man was gone. This sounds so strange but I felt back in my body again and back in the yoga room and aware of all the people around me and the instructor and the meditation session ending. Everything and everyone was 'normal' again. It was very bizarre because my experience was so 'intense' I no longer felt 'normal'. I didn't say anything to anyone, just started to pack up as usual to leave. I felt sad he had gone and confused what had happened.

As I'm leaving, the instructor asks me to carry something to her car for her. She parks in the back of the building and I always walked so came in through another side door (never been to the back before or that other side of the builing). I walked out the back door to her car (pitch black outside) when suddenly I realise what's all around me.

Grave markers! There were large stones everywhere. WTAF?? We were at a house in a city why are there graves here?? Some were right up against the house wall where our class was held. When I later mentioned the graves it was confirmed that yes, there were people buried on that land at some point years ago. Someone suggested the house might have previously been a church or chapel. I tried to read some of the names and dates (via the light on my phone) but the stones were so old I couldn't make them out. I wonder if those had anything to do with my experience?

Not long after, I moved away and haven't been back there since.

TroysMammy Wed 17-Oct-18 15:44:43

I had a woo in work the other day. I work as a GP Receptionist and was getting out a file as a patient was transferring out as she was starting in University in another city. The phone rang and I answered it and it was the transferring out patient's mother phoning to make an appointment for the patient's brother.

ThrownMuse Wed 17-Oct-18 15:54:29

Place marking! Love a woo thread.

SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Wed 17-Oct-18 16:27:38

Grave markers! There were large stones everywhere. WTAF?? We were at a house in a city why are there graves here?? Some were right up against the house wall where our class was held.

I'm guessing it's not the same place, but there's a house on my way to work that has a row of gravestones in the front garden. It's definitely a normal house (probably built circa 1900), not a converted church, and it's always struck me as very odd.

Winterfellwonderland Tue 23-Oct-18 15:44:59

irisetta Tell us about your friends experience at the uni please

Bridgeofpies Thu 25-Oct-18 08:56:56

Ooh I love these threads and I won’t sleep for weeks!

I have a few spooky stories but probably the best was a few years ago when I was staying with a relative in an old and rather creaky house.

I went to bed and lay reading for quite a long time, probably about half an hour. Everyone else in the house was asleep. My DH rang my mobile and I lay there chatting to him for a few mins. There have been a few ghost stories from other relatives in the house so DH teased me asking “any sign of the ghosts yet?!” I laughed and said, “no, thank goodness, it’s probably all nonsense”. As the words left my mouth, my hair dryer, which had been sitting on a chest of drawers about 6ft away from me, fell onto the floor. No one had been near the chest of drawers. Nothing else moved. I hung up on DH and said “OK, I’m sorry I doubted, clearly you are here. Please could you let me go to sleep nicely?”. I didn’t sleep terribly well that night I must admit, but I didn’t feel like there was anything “bad” there. If anything there was a positive, affectionate atmosphere.

Icantbelieveitsnotnutter Sun 28-Oct-18 23:30:04

Bump (in the night.)

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