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light flickering and cold ambience

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Whitefeathersbutnotfrompigeons Tue 02-Oct-18 20:57:11

Hey. Tryin to keep it brief and I understand there will be many comments to try rationalise this but I am really interested in others experiences similar too. Several occasions, spanning approx 20 years, same house ( victorian if this means owt) totally different situations and family members. years ago lost my dad. Oven kept stopping when walking past it..flickering Cds stopping, appliances breaking blah blah. Fast forward 6 or so years and relationship break up. Again..appliances failing and actually breaking. Several tvs broken. We see cats and dogs that aren't here. There's no horrible feeling though,but it is unnerving. Most recent was my teenage daughter and I having an emotional cry over a fall out and reconciling, nothing major, but the change of temperature in the room was unbelievable, the lights flickered and we just looked at each other knowing we both just experienced something strange. It was like electric and we couldn't stop crying. I believe that emotions can trigger supernatural stuff so is this just it?? Really sorry.. This is such a long drawn out post but hopefully in this section I'm hoping I will get like-minded or professional comments from those being on a subject like this as they have an interest and not to ridicule. Thanks. confused

whynotgetalong Wed 17-Oct-18 14:53:00

Is there any possibility that you could have some sort of electrical fault in the house? Have you ever had the electrics looked at? That wouldn't explain seeing non-existent cats and dogs though. Change of temp could be a draft? Grasping at straws here.

I lived in an old Victorian once. It was always creaking and drafty and the electrics were rubbish. But I never saw or heard anything out of the ordinary, so can't give advice there. Hoping someone else comes along with an explanation for you OP.

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