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Anyone willing to do a tarot reading for me, horribly lost?

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JusttheTwoofUs3110 Sat 01-Sep-18 22:11:30

I am utterly lost and desperately need insight. I would pm the info, if anyone is willing. Thank you!

FlowerCupcake Sat 01-Sep-18 22:13:02

I would be more than happy to do a reading for you

Mango88 Sat 01-Sep-18 22:17:51

Could you do kind for me? Feeling very lost & in despair xx

FlowerCupcake Sat 01-Sep-18 22:19:07

Sure thing, pm me you question or if you just want a general reading and I will pull some cards for you x

Mango88 Sat 01-Sep-18 22:24:43

Thank you so much. Without giving too much away been in a relationship for quite a long time which has been troubled. Was on verge of leaving but giving it one last shot due to older kids - but wondering if Im being played & should just bite the bullet & go 😢

JusttheTwoofUs3110 Sat 01-Sep-18 22:26:07

Just pm-ed you, thank you! 😊

FlowerCupcake Sat 01-Sep-18 22:40:42

Sent you a PM with your reading Mango!

Frankenterfer Sat 01-Sep-18 22:42:51

How does it work, doing a reading over the internet? Not being goady, genuine question 😀

50Running50 Sat 01-Sep-18 22:43:32

How does it work? I'm intrigued

MalloryLaurel Sat 01-Sep-18 22:49:44

Maybe see a counsellor? I'm a firm believer in woo, but if you're lost real world problem solving sessions may also be useful. Or cbt?

nav80 Tue 04-Sep-18 19:41:48

Could someone please please do a reading for me?

FlowerCupcake Tue 04-Sep-18 20:52:52

Feel free to message me with your question or if you want a general reading, Nav80

nav80 Wed 05-Sep-18 12:08:08

Sent you a PM FlowerCupcake. Thank You!

Youaremysunshine2017 Mon 10-Sep-18 22:18:33

Hi flowercupcake, would you be able to do a reading for me too? flowers

50Running50 Mon 10-Sep-18 23:53:15

And me!!! I've no idea what it entails though, I'm curious

FlowerCupcake Wed 12-Sep-18 06:50:59

Anyone who want's a reading, just send me a PM with your question or if you want a general reading. I don't read about health or legal issues, but anything else is fair game. Will get back to you when I have a chance!

RollerJed Wed 12-Sep-18 06:58:18

I've PMd you smile

babypossum Thu 20-Sep-18 05:29:15

I've sent you a PM FlowerCupcake. x

Nizzles Tue 02-Oct-18 14:09:56

Hi Flower

Could you do a tarot reading for me please?



PinkFluffyFairy Wed 03-Oct-18 06:27:36

Sent a pm cupcake.

Thank u. flowers

Roystonv Wed 03-Oct-18 06:31:47

Would be very grateful if you could do one for me, is this possible?

Cailleach Mon 26-Nov-18 23:12:40

Any chance anyone could do one for me? In a real quandary at the moment.

IPromiseIWontBeNaughty Sun 02-Dec-18 06:07:18

Would you mind for me Flower

Really stressed at the moment. Thank you

WTFpeople Tue 08-Jan-19 17:53:45

Are you still doing readings @FlowerCupcake
Would love one if you're still doing them? Thank you

Dalesgirl16 Wed 09-Jan-19 15:51:02

I would be interested too flowercupcake if you are still available

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