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AIBU to offer you a free tarot reading ? (Message from OP: Temporary pause on readings while she catches up!)

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tarotjaney Fri 20-Jul-18 17:58:40

Hi guys !

I'm currently working on tarot readings and I'm giving out free reads if anyone wants one ? smile

Just write your question below and I'll have a go a three card spread for you .

Im practising so I'm just giving this a go ! Will be back later to respond to any takers ( if there's any!)

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tarotjaney Fri 20-Jul-18 18:00:24

Please let me know if it makes sense to you too so I know if I'm on the right track or not

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DontTouchTheMoustache Fri 20-Jul-18 18:01:09

Oh me me me

"Which path should I choose?"

Is that too ambiguous?

OneBigHeadFuck Fri 20-Jul-18 18:01:12

Will my life ever be peaceful?

MissionItsPossible Fri 20-Jul-18 18:01:13

Do you see this thread going well?

Gracey79 Fri 20-Jul-18 18:01:35

Should I get married to dp?

JustTheLemons Fri 20-Jul-18 18:01:38

I’ll bite!

Will I be my goal weight by my wedding?


(Is that question in the right format? Never done it before!)

TheRealHousewifeofCheshire Fri 20-Jul-18 18:01:42

What sort of questions should we ask?

Am I doimg a good job of being a mum?

Does my mum know we love her? What does she think of new baby and how we are doing?

HunterHearstHelmsley Fri 20-Jul-18 18:01:51

Can you do overviews?

Ladybug82 Fri 20-Jul-18 18:01:52

TTC for a long while will we ever get pregnant

ChinkChink Fri 20-Jul-18 18:01:57

I'll go.

What will happen about my job?

Jackthelovely Fri 20-Jul-18 18:02:08

Will I have another baby?

Scarftown Fri 20-Jul-18 18:02:15

Yes please

I’m wondering if I have made the right decision about a house

MissionItsPossible Fri 20-Jul-18 18:02:16

Joking aside, I took part in one of these and didn’t get an answer angry

If you’re serious: What track am I on in life? Do I change tack or continue what I’m doing?

Kenworthington Fri 20-Jul-18 18:02:27

Will I suffer a bereavement soon?

Namechangedforthisss Fri 20-Jul-18 18:02:29

Will we ever get away? 😑

MintRoller Fri 20-Jul-18 18:02:30

Should I follow my heart or my head? Thanks in advance.

AjasLipstick Fri 20-Jul-18 18:02:47

Me please!

"Will my project be a success?"

HelloEllo Fri 20-Jul-18 18:02:51

Will I die of cancer? sad

Achelois Fri 20-Jul-18 18:03:21

Ooh! Yes please!
My question is- what can I look forward to in the near future?
Thank you smile

SideEyeing Fri 20-Jul-18 18:03:26

Me please smile

Will my fiance and I find peace and happiness together?

Chillyegg Fri 20-Jul-18 18:03:47

Do I stick with my job or move onto something different

SillyMoomin Fri 20-Jul-18 18:03:55

Am I cursed? sad

Or will I actually find my Prince Charming and have the happy ever after?

JumbleJamba Fri 20-Jul-18 18:04:03

Yes please. Should I have another child?

HyacinthBuffet Fri 20-Jul-18 18:04:03

Yes or no?

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