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Would like to know some info - anyone a psychic?

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Rose2887 Tue 22-May-18 18:21:26

I don’t expect much as I know most people charge but there’s so much online I don’t know who to trust!

This ones more for Fun I guess - I’m currently 9 weeks pregnant and would like to know if anyone can predict the sex?

Would like to know if this is my happy ending?

Last question, my grandad passed away 2 years ago, his name was Ron, I want to know how he is 😊

If anyone is happy to do this for free please answer smile

LilMadAgain Tue 22-May-18 18:26:01

Rose, I'm nor a psychic I'm afraid but I was equally curious about the sex of my child when I was pregnant. There was an event at my place of work involving a tarot reader who could give 'psychic' readings. He gave me a pendant on a chain to hold and ask it a question, then I had to see which way it started swaying for my answer. Left to right for boy etc absolute nonsense but it was quite fun grin you can do it yourself x

Rose2887 Tue 22-May-18 18:28:27

Okay I will give it a go smile thank you x

Rose2887 Tue 22-May-18 18:51:35

@LilMadAgain it circled?? So would that be girl? Xx

LilMadAgain Tue 22-May-18 23:10:50

For me it went side to side so going to guess that the theory would be that a circular motion would indicate female but you could probably Google it. Don't forget that it's only lighthearted and not meant to be taken seriously x

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